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eCommerce Store Development

Would you like to start up with your first business online? Today it’s very difficult to compete at satiated online markets. Thousands of sites are emerging on the Web every single day and we can see tempting storefronts with plenty of products to choose from. But how many ecommerce website owners can boast of the advanced functionality and ultimate performance of their web stores? Standard online shopping carts can not always meet all store requirements, notwithstanding how sophisticated they are. If this is your case, it’s high time to opt for custom ecommerce store development? Simtech Development is ready to provide you with customized ecommerce solutions, based on the multifunctional CS-Cart products. As the result, you’ll get a stable ecommerce platform with unique design and comfortable interface.

Simtech Development is the only ecommerce development agency officially authorized by CS-Cart. We have been dealing with CS-Cart products since 2005 and possess a decent number of professional developers in the area of ecommerce customization. As the result of our successful work in this area, we have over 2000 of loyal clients all over the Globe. Our team specializes on different project types – from small web stores to huge multifunctional web shopping malls. If you are ready to create a unique site or interested in professional developer’s help, welcome to

CS-Cart Platform Integration

The CS-Cart platform we base our projects on, is the right choice for many (if not all) ecommerce requirements. Over the years of upgrades it has become even more powerful and functional because of the improved ecommerce tools and options integrated, starting from CloudFront CDN support and ending with mobile and social media add-ons. You can take advantage of more than 70 payment gateways and shipping methods with real-time rates, control and manage your inventory and improve overall user experience by providing them with the cloud-powered search service. In addition, you can purchase a multiple storefront license for just $215 each. And our professional ecommerce store development service will help you provide more to your clients – an ideal web store to interact with and make a purchase.

With Twigmo technologies you can make your online store absolutely mobile-friendly to allow your customers make purchases on the go. Simtech Development can optimize your m-commerce processes and take them to the new level. We can also set up a rocket-fast cloud search – Searchanise – that is the best ecommerce tool for such purposes. This application will replace your default search and take the load from your server.

You don’t need to have special knowledge to operate our software and custom add-ons. Simtech Development team will install CS-Cart right to your server (testing its performance and functionality on our own one). If the client wishes, our experts can upgrade the previous version of CS-Cart in a safe mode without loosing any information.

You can accessorize your store even more with our custom add-ons. Whether you have any additional questions to ask or projects to discuss, don’t hesitate to contact us at your earliest convenience.