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eCommerce Web Site Development

Every single day new web stores are emerging on the ecommerce market to target new prospective clients and increase customer base. But a full-featured online store isn’t the same as a simple general subject online project. This is simply not enough just to create a comprehensive catalog of available products and showcase them online. A unique and handy web design, state-of-the-art usability, convenience in making searches and getting relevant product results, responsive customer support – these and many more options make a real difference when it comes to a successful ecommerce venture. With Simtech Development you can be absolutely sure that your ecommerce platform will get necessary customization to make your project stand out.

We specialize on custom web store development and can develop a project of any size and complexity just from scratch – whether it’s a small online store or huge virtual shopping mall. We have been working on the market of custom ecommerce web development since 2005 and accomplished more than 2500 of different projects from over 2000 of our loyal clients. Take a look at our portfolio to see our development samples. Our experts are ready to help developing an online store or customize the one up to your individual needs and specifications.

Used Platforms

We’ve been working with CS-Cart ecommerce platform from the day it was created and integrated it with hundreds of client projects. In addition, we can supply the one with plenty of useful tools: analytics, statistics, marketing and advertising add-ons, social media integration, m-commerce tools, etc. to boost your online sales to the next level. It’s also possible to provide ERP synchronization that will help manage product planning, development and watch inventory changes within your web store.

A lot of customers appreciate the opportunity of staying mobile and go shopping via smartphones and tablets, so we can help you make your online store mobile-friendly with Twigmo tools to increase the level of overall client satisfaction. A new cloud-based search solution Searchanise that can be integrated with CS-Cart, gives an opportunity for web store visitors to use a rocket-fast cloud search, while finding a particular product item they require. If you wish to get the most out of your online store, we suggest visiting our add-ons section, where we deliver various web site upgrading options.

Furthermore, our expert team can accomplish installation of CS-Cart right to your server (with prior testing on our machines) almost in no time. In the case of upgrade, all previous modifications and custom features will be preserved and you will not lose any valuable information or data. Feel free to request a no-obligation quote online or contact us today with your specific ecommerce development needs.