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Happy New Year!

Gayane Tamrazyan

Dear friends!

A New Year 2020 is coming. We believe that everything that you will wish or hope for will be fulfilled in 2020.

New Year is, first of all, a family holiday. We celebrate it as we did in our childhood with gifts and surprises, with special warmth and tenderness to our parents and family. We take care of them, value every minute spent with them these. We promise to do our best to understand our children their aspirations and dreams better, support them with our love. The ability to help, to be empathetic, to share positive emotions – all of that fill our lives with a true, human meaning.

We understand that some of you for some reason could not join the family these days. Our special congratulations to everyone who is now on military or professional duty, working in hospitals, to pilots, train drivers, scientists and other brave, dedicated and selfless people. Wherever you are the New Year mood unites us, and modern technologies allow us to share feelings with dear people who may be hundreds or thousands of miles away. There’s no distance for love.

We belong to different countries and nationalities. But we share the same values, interests, and fears. It does not matter what flag you belong to, we want to encourage you to stay patriots, believe in it and love it. It’s your home. Achieve success, do it with passion and share it with your people. Always be proud of who you are and where you come from.

Our community of entrepreneurs, businesses, developers, designers, marketers and all who is keen on eCommerce have long ago proved that there are no boundaries for the people united by one goal. We are on the edge of this value fighting as one for the feature with transparent borders and free business. Though we do it in different places, we do it as a big family with one strong passion in our hearts.

Dear friends!

The time has come to tell each other the most cherished words, forgive mistakes and offenses, hug, confess your love, warm each other with care and attention.

May the New Year bring positive changes to the life of every person. We sincerely wish you and your family strong health, all success, prosperity, and peace.

Be happy! Happy New Year 2020!

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