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Add-ons Changelog for January 2020, Part I

Anastasia Kozlova

Hi! This is Anastasia from Simtech Development. Happy New Year! May all your wishes come true! Let’s see what news we have about our add-ons and themes in January 2020.

List of Improved Add-ons

If you want to see what has been added or fixed in add-ons for all the time, you can follow the links below and have a look at the changelog section.

[+]… – a new feature has been added.

e.g [+] The ability to limit access to the customers based on their location for the store administrators has been added.

[!]… – Fixed. 

e.g. [!] A PHP notice appeared when deleting the order in the Cancelled status. Fixed.

[~]…a functionality of the addon has been changed. 

e.g. [~] The DIV tags have been moved inside the BODY from HEAD.

[-].. – functionality has been deleted.

e.g. [-] The container tab has been removed from import setting for the files with YML format.


Add-ons: Google AMP for SEO

[!] Data from connected add-ons did not display on AMP pages. Fixed.

[+] The ability to launch the generation of missing AMP layouts manually has been added.

[~] Important! The logic of an image display in the description has been changed. All images stored on third-party resources are cut out with the message stating that the image is available in the full version of the page if the AMP description is not filled in and the regular description is displayed.

[!] The AMP pages displayed not for all storefronts. Fixed.

Add-ons: Affiliate and Referral

[!] The commission for product categories was calculated incorrectly. Fixed.

[~] The automatic approval of new partners has been improved.

[+] The Show affiliates only approved commissions setting has been added.

Add-ons: Product Labels

[!] Cron jobs did not work. Fixed.

[+] The setting Show only on details page has been added.

[!] The add-on’s name did not display when updating via the Upgrade Center. Fixed.

Themes: Generation – Z for CS-Cart & Multi-Vendor:

[+] A sticky panel for a product details page has been added.

[~] The theme has been adapted to CS-Cart 4.11.2.

[~] The theme has been adapted to Multi-Vendor 4.11.2.

[!] The discount label was replaced with the default one when performing the ajax request. Fixed.

[!] The Enter your price field displayed incorrectly. Fixed.

[~] The Back button on the authorization and registration pages has been changed.

[~] The layout of the list of the buttons on the authorization and registration pages has been changed.

[~] The appearance of the main content on the authorization page has been improved.

[~] The display of components of the Ask seller a question add-on has been improved.

[+] The display of the messenger of the Ask seller a question add-on has been changed.

[~] The display of a user group list has been improved.

[~] The display of a registration block on a landing page has been improved.

[~] Styles for tags have been improved.

[~] The components of input fields and a selectbox have been improved.

[~] A profile edit page has been improved.

[~] A customer registration page has been improved.

[+] The display of the page with the form type (of the Form Builder add-on) has been changed.

[!] The search filters disappeared on My Orders page if a search result was empty.

[+] The support of Multi-Vendor Ultimate is added

Themes: Vanilla Theme:

[!] Images displayed incorrectly on the big picture template if there was a block with the grid-list template on the page. Fixed.

Add-ons: Marketing Web Push Notifications:

[!] The notifications containing % character displayed incorrectly. Fixed.

Add-ons: PostNL: 

[!] The add-on’s name did not display when updating via the Upgrade Center. Fixed.

Add-ons: Pay with Amazon Payment Gateway:

[!] The incorrect archive error appeared when updating the add-on via the Upgrade Center. Fixed.

Add-ons: Shipping Estimate:

[!] Registered users who did not fill in the address in the profile were not able to change a destination on the product details page. Fixed.

[!] The Destination word did not display on the product details page when geolocation was not used. Fixed.

Add-ons: MailChimp eCommerce:

[!] The information about the order status change was not transferred to Mailchimp if the tax was zero. Fixed.

Add-ons: Pop-up Notification Pro

[!] Multilingualism did not work for text and graphic banners. Fixed.

Add-ons: Found A Better Price?:

[~] A Found A Better Price link displayed over You save message on Unitheme 2. Fixed.

Add-ons: Cloud Translation by Google:

[+] A Cron tab has been added.

[-] The Cron key filed has been removed.

[-] The link to translate the entire site has been removed.

Add-ons: Google Analytics Enhanced eCommerce:

[!] It was impossible to complete the payment of the order if the shipping method name included quotes. Fixed.

Add-ons: User Profile Page:

[!] There was a possibility to set the future date in the Date of Birth field. Fixed.

Add-ons: SEO Auditor:

[!] The connection broke after 5 seconds while the audit via a cron job was executed. Fixed.

[+] The setting for manual time-out adjustment has been added.

Add-ons: Animation Effects:

[~] The code has been improved.

Add-ons: Google Remarketing Tag:

[!] The types of data transferred to Google were incorrect. Fixed.

[!] Extra spaces in the Google Tag Manager container id field caused an error in Google Tag Assistant. Fixed.

Add-ons: Sales & Social Proof:

 [!] The add-on caused notices on the product details page if the product had variations. Fixed.

Add-ons: GA Quick View:

[!] It was impossible to change the period of the displayed data. Fixed.

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