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Add-ons Changelog for the March 2019

Roman Ananev

Hi, This is Alexey from Simtech Development. Let’s see what news we have about our add-ons in March 2019.

New Add-On – Instagram Feed Widget

This add-on embeds your Instagram video and photo feed on your marketplace storefront. You can set up updating on a schedule or enable real-time uploading of the feed.
Invite your Instagram followers to your marketplace and boost conversion rates and sales or display your latest posts from Instagram to any visitor of your eCommerce website to enhance:
—Showcasing and promotion of goods and services;
—Building a community around the brand by streaming your day-to-day non-business activities and engaging customers to follow you;
—Increasing trust and brand awareness.


Price Update For QuickBooks Online Integration

We have renewed the addon to transform it into a complete product. Now you don’t need additional development to make it work according to your preferences. Setting up can be done by yourself. This allowed us to reduce the price of the addon to $317.
About QuickBooks Online Integration
Sync your CS-Cart products, orders, and customers to your QuickBooks Online account and enjoy your seamless accounting and financial reporting with just a couple of clicks.


February Best Seller – Pop-up Notifications Pro

Add fully customizable pop-ups to your store to increase sales and drive revenue. Start communicating with your audience or display a relevant offer at the right time and boost conversion.


List of Improved Add-ons

If you want to see what has been added or fixed in add-ons for all the time, you can follow the links below and have a look at the changelog section.
[+]… – a new feature has been added.
e.g [+] The ability to limit access to the customers based on their location for the store administrators has been added.
[!]… – Fixed.
e.g. [!] A PHP notice appeared when deleting the order in the canceled status. Fixed.
[~]…a functionality of the addon has been changed.
e.g. [~] The DIV tags have been moved inside the BODY from HEAD.
[-].. – a functionality has been deleted.
e.g. [-] The container tab has been removed from import setting for the files with YML format.


Vanilla Theme

[+] The ability to change menu items for user classes has been added.
[+] The “Currency” block has been added.
[+] The “Languages” block has been added.
[+] The “Quick view” and “Add to cart” buttons have been added to the “Scroller” template.
[+] Now if only one button is displayed on the product detail page, it is stretched to the width of the page.
[!] The position of the “Reset all filters” button has been adjusted.
[!] In the “Quick view”, the position of the image of product options has been adjusted.
[!] The text in the list of sorted products did not fit the width of the block. Fixed.
[!] The ‘Clear cart’ button on the cart page stretched beyond the block bounds. Fixed.
[!] On the cart page, a no-image icon was not placed in the centre position for products without an image. Fixed.
[!] There was an empty mandatory field on the bank card information page. Fixed.
[!] The subcategory popup in the “Vertical drop-down list” menu was not displayed correctly. Fixed.
[!] If the “Chat with vendor” add-on is enabled, the page was not displayed correctly. Fixed.
[ ~ ] The appearance of popups has been improved.
[ ~ ] The appearance of the “Change quantity” field has been improved.
[ ~ ] The appearance of the “Authorization” page has been improved.
[ ~ ] The appearance of the “Registration” page has been improved.
[ ~ ] The appearance of payment icons has been improved.
[ ~ ] The appearance of the range filter (e.g. “Price”) has been improved.

Airy Mobile Theme

[+] The “Add To Compare” button update has been added to the detail page of the mobile version.
[!] The “Leave feedback” popup did not work in versions 4.9+. Fixed.
[!] The “Search” block was incompatible with the “Navigation Panel”.  JS error occurred. Fixed.
[!] When increasing the size of the page header, the “Vertical Sticky menu” overlapped the header. Fixed.
[ ~ ] Now you can hide only the “Add to cart”, “View later” and “Add to compare list” buttons on the product detail page of the mobile version.
[ ~ ] The theme is adapted to the Sales & Social Proof add-on.
[ ~ ] The placeholders for input fields on the “Checkout” page have been improved.
[~]  Now the “Search” block is controlled by the user-defined class.
[~] The code for the “Vertical Sticky menu” has been improved.

MailChimp Advanced

[+]  The ability to unsubscribe from newsletters through the personal account has been added.
[!] The signup checkbox for MailChimp newsletters did not show up.
[ ~ ] The 4.5.0 thread has been updated.
[ ~ ] The code has been improved.

YouTube Video Gallery

[!] Video height was wrong on the product detail page of the mobile version. Fixed.
[!] When opening a video popup, the popup and video dimensions did not match. Fixed.
[!] Youtube links got removed when products were shared between storefronts in version 4.9.х. Fixed.
[!] When sharing a product with multiple storefronts, share links got removed. Fixed.

Sales & Social Proof

[!] Users messages were not displayed in the BigPicture template. Fixed.
[!] Product view notifications in the BigPicture template were not adapted to the mobile version. Fixed.
[!] The popup did not show up. Fixed.

Pay with Amazon Payment

[!]  Error when saving the add-on settings. Fixed.
[!]  Failed to display the add-on name when upgrading via the upgrade center. Fixed.

Google Remarketing Tag

[!] Error when installing the add-on if the Data feeds add-on had not been installed prior to that. Fixed.

Google AMP for SEO

[!] The names of product sortings on the AMP category pages were not displayed correctly. Fixed.

Facebook Pixel

[!] The “Add to cart” button did not trigger the event for blocks where the display of this button was enabled. Fixed.

Enhanced Social Login

[!] The profile page displayed incorrectly when selecting the settings other than the “Above the social login block” setting. Fixed.

SEO Templates

[!] The SEO features displayed in the primary language when generating SEO names in different languages. Fixed.

Rome Theme Front Pack

[ ~ ] The appearance of the “Grid” view mode has been improved.

QuickBooks Online Integration

[+] The license and the ability to upgrade via the upgrade center has been added.

GDPR Compliance

[!] The GDPR tab did not show content with the customer information in the admin panel when the Affiliate and Referral add-on is enabled. Fixed.

Quantity Discount Bulk Edit

[!] “System unavailable” error when bulk editing of product discounts. Fixed.

Google Analytics Enhanced eCommerce

[!] The add-on was incompatible with PHP 5.3. Fixed.

A/B Testing

[!] Unique users count worked incorrectly. Fixed.

Follow Vendor

[~]  Now the “Follow vendor” button is available for non-registered users.

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