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Add-ons for CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor 2018: Year in Review

Roman Ananev

Good day, my name is Alexey Tereshin, I am the Head of the Add-ons Department at Simtech Development.
Holidays are gone, time for rest is over, and it is time to return to what we love – to work. Throughout January, we summed up the year 2018 results, set goals and made up a step-by-step plan for 2019.
Lots of changes, challenges, new products, news are waiting ahead. And now I would like to sum up what 2018 will be remembered for.


We always add new features based on your suggestions. According to your requests, we have introduced over 1000 new functionalities in 2018.
The most popular add-ons of 2018

  1. JSON-LD for SEO
  2. Facebook Pixel
  3. Google Analytics Enhanced eCommerce
  4. Google AMP for SEO
  5. SEO Templates

Over 50 features were added to these 5 add-ons based on your recommendations. Thank you for helping us make products more practical and better.



According to your advice and feedback, we have created not just themes, but ready-made packages for business. Each includes a specially designed theme for CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor with a set of modules in different areas, depending on the needs of your business.
The most popular themes of 2018

  1. Vanilla Theme
  2. Airy Mobile Theme
  3. Rome Theme Front Pack
  4. Urban Shift Theme Front Pack

When buying a Pack, you get the specially designed theme as a gift.



Installation service

For your convenience, we have launched an Installation service to provide a qualified service of the CS-Cart certified partner, whom we’re proud to be, to the customers who use modules produced by the 3rd parties. A separate service assures the liabilities of you as a user and us as a developer. This is convenient and clear in respect of business procedures and risk management for both parties.

Support center

This year we have created a free portal – Support Center – to help customers to address with their queries. There you can find all the information and documentation about our products and services. The answers to the frequently asked questions can also be found there.


Future plans

In the year 2019, we plan to dedicate a large amount of time to the production of the new add-ons. Thank you for your suggestions and the fact that you share them with us.
We will offer new services, for example, very soon we will announce the launch of a new loyalty program, it will be of interest to common customers, partners, and resellers. We will launch a technical support service for our products with a wide tariff range.
Stay tuned for all the changes by subscribing to our blog or newsletter. You can also reach out to me personally by email.
Thank you and have a productive year.



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