Author: Gayane Tamrazyan

Image optimization for eCommerce sites

How to Optimize Images for Your eCommerce Site Best Performance

According to HTTP Archive, images make up on average 26% of a total webpage’s weight. So, this is the second place after the video content, that consumes your disk space. But as compared to video, images are easier to optimize. The better your images are optimized, the higher the site speed is. In this article, we share some image optimization tricks and techniques so that you can make your online store or marketplace load faster and convert more buyers.

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Add-Ons Changelog

Add-Ons Changelog for the First Half of October 2021

We improved XML&CSV Import, Hamburger Menu, Show Me More, Mailchimp eCommerce, Vanilla Theme, Urban Shift Theme, Google Analytics Enhanced eCommerce, Follow Vendor, Products Labels, Points and Cash, and other useful CS-Cart plugins. Unfold changes and get the details!

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Best image file types for online stores

TOP 5 Image File Types to Use in Your Online Store

Choosing the image file extension may influence your online store page loading speed. The right extension will save your disk space and bandwidth. But do you really know how to select the right format? In this article we will tell you what image format and types may be, and how to choose the appropriate one so that your online store and customer could benefit from it.

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Load Testing by ASAP Lab

Why Do Large eCommerce Projects Need Load Testing?

Load Testing allows you to find out your eCommerce project maximum performance. How can you use it? Knowing your weak points and isolating them, you are better prepared for peak season sales like the upcoming Black Friday, you can launch a heavy traffic campaign, connect new services or add another system – any operation implying increase of traffic and load to your site. With Load Testing, you know for sure what you can!

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How to Effectively Collect User Data on Facebook for Better Marketing Campaigns

How to Effectively Collect User Data for Facebook Pixel to Build Better Marketing Campaigns

Collecting data is now subject to limitations. It happens as users across the world become more and more concerned about their privacy. To respond to this concern, the global giants like Apple, Google, and Mozilla strengthened measures to protect user data. These new restrictions make Facebook Pixel almost useless as the most part of data won’t be transferred to you without user consent.
But, we’re here with good news. There is a bypassing solution capable of erasing inconveniences related to user data collection. You can read this post to know about the ways to collect all data about users and build strong marketing campaigns.

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Content for Social Media

How to Adapt Content for Different Social Media?

Most brands save on community management by posting absolutely mirror-like content across all brand social media. More advanced marketers change the image format so that it seems visually more organic to a specific social media platform. The most far-sighted reduce the number of sites on which they work, but they treat each social community as carefully as possible, developing and adapting the content not only to the requirements of these platforms, but also taking into account the expectations of users of a particular network.

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7 Concerns About SEO Online Store Owners Should Be Aware Of

7 Concerns About SEO Online Store Owners Should Be Aware Of

SEO will work effectively if you focus on optimizing the user experience during search engine optimization. The results won’t be visible right away, but eventually your site will rank better in search and you’ll get organic traffic.
In this post we’ll share some myths and concerns about SEO that you should know about to better implement and optimize your site.

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How Can You Improve Your Website Perception with Users and Search Engines?

How Can You Improve Your Website Perception with Users and Search Engines?

If you want more visitors on your site, your site should perform fast. Every three seconds of delay in the page output results in losing a prospect. 

Now, after putting efforts your eCommerce site loads fast, but doesn’t look as if it was worth browsing and shopping. Why? It looks too boring with the default design. In fact, you should customize it to stand apart from competitors. 

You may wonder what the reason to talk about optimizing performance and customizing the look of your website.

Starting from September 01, 2021 we’re cutting the prices for Performance Optimization and Frontend Development. The offer is valid for September only!

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