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Best eCommerce Posts of November

Gayane Tamrazyan

Oh, already? Winter has come. It’s time for summarizing the November posts at that were of the highest interest with the readers. We’ve chosen our best articles of the Fall to save your time and get only the content that got the social proof. Take this must-read for online merchants to be in course of actual eCommerce marketing and business strategies and succeed online.

#1. Women in eCommerce: Interview with the Founder of Sleekform Furniture by Kate Kopylova

This post continues a series of interviews with women entrepreneurs. This time, Kate interviews Liz, the Sleekform Furniture Founder. And based on the number of likes you gave to it, it is really worth the reading. Take these pieces of advice from a young mom-entrepreneur and get inspired.

#2 Top 10 eCommerce Marketing Services to Use in 2020 by Salil Panikkaveettil

From word-of-mouth brand awareness or marketplace awareness, even online, brands have now moved towards various other business strategies that have effectively worked to expand the market. With the app market and the social media integration to business, having an online presence is a significant part of most marketing strategies, if not the largest. This article deals with some eCommerce marketing strategies that are known to be effective, particularly within the current market.

#3 Women in eCommerce: What They Do Differently? By Kate Kopylova

Amazing Women in eCommerce is an initiative to recognize and honor the women who are shaping our industry while raising money to help build up the next generation of lady-entrepreneurs. Sometimes, it’s important to take a moment to celebrate and showcase women who promote their businesses on the WEB.

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