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Blog Readers' Choice for September

Gayane Tamrazyan

September is almost over, and the blog is pretty full of noteworthy posts! Let’s draw the line and take a closer look at your favs. This is a top of 3 articles on eCommerce you loved the most.

1. ‘Why Your eCommerce Should Be Multilingual’ by Kate Kopylova

It doesn’t matter if you are or you aren’t a polyglot, being a business owner you should think of how to better serve your client! And the way is the only one – to speak the same language as your customer does. The more languages your online store speaks, the more is the buyers’ conversion on it. People buy with more confidence a product offered in their mother tongue. This article is talking about not only the language aspect of eCommerce but suggests enjoying insiders’ best practices.


2. ‘Do You Write Your Product Descriptions the Right Way?’ by Kate Kopylova

Making product descriptions is a living nightmare for an e-tailer, especially when there are about +1k items in the inventory. How to tackle this real mess and make appealing product details that will high-rocket your sales? There is no uniform solution, so we decided to show you some working methods you could apply to.


3. ‘Is AI Really Helpful for eCommerce Website?’ by Gayane Tamrazyan

You’ve heard a lot about those trendy phenomena like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data and so on. Chatbots, virtual assistants, facial recognition or voice search bots do not make anybody wonder anymore. Are they really of any use for an average marketplace owner? Let’s explore the case together!


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