Simtech Development

Case Study: Pixel Takeaway

Simtech Development Team

Pixel Takeaway is the marketplace where talented artists draw for customers for an affordable price in no time. Our challenge was to create an online store to make artists work more conveniently with customers. Here are general facts about the project:

  • 690 hours of work on the project
  • Multi-Vendor platform
  • Work on CS-Cart 4.0.1 Multi-Vendor software
  • Uses CDN based on Amazon 3.0 for storing images

To arrange work of the seller we used a multi-vendor platform, which allows the seller to have his/her own storefront and administrator’s panel inside the online store. Through the personal cabinet menu, the seller adjusts his/her activities, manages the goods and orders, communicates with customers, and receives notifications. Also we made placing the order as convenient for the client as possible.

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