Kablewala A multi-discipline & eCommerce company from Bangladesh KABLEWALA is a multi-discipline & eCommerce company from Bangladesh launched back in 2018. Their range of products includes almost everything an Asian buyer may

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kayamo.eu Extending the eCommerce Potential of a German Jewelry Marketplace Kayamo is an eCommerce marketplace of unique custom jewelry and DIY craft supplies from Germany. Günter Windler and his wife run Kayamo

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This well-known Georgian electronics retailer rapidly develops omni-channel sales with a dealership network, offline stores, and an online store, www.alta.ge, the number one online store in Georgia.

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Malishok is an online store based in Russia. The store specializes on products for children – diapers, baby food, baby strollers, child car seats, baby clothing, clothes for pregnant women and other useful goods.

The design project of this store was based on our CS-Cart theme and adapted to the brand style.

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The Russian company Safe-DV, which specializes in safes, metal shelving, furniture, carts, and other equipment for warehouses, decided to go online in 2012. We helped them create a solid and respectable online store.

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When the offline designer store in Moscow, Beautiful Things, could no longer cope with the growing sales turnover, the owners considered a new business development. They decided to take their store online. Navkusicvet.net is a marketplace that unites those who enjoy handcrafting items with the admirers of such products. The artisans get a ready-to-use online store to manage on their own, and the customers get a single catalog of unique products with the ability to purchase directly from the creator.

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Sugarplate.com is a very ambitious start-up that aims to gather US bakers and bakeries in one place on the multi-vendor platform. It allows US citizens to order sweets and bakery from a vendor which is close enough to the customer’s location to deliver fresh goods.

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Northskull is a fashion brand based in London. It specializes in producing unique accessories and jewelry made of expensive materials: gold, silver, leather and fine wood. The ones who love this brand are a special caste; these people prefer alternative clothing.

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Pak Man Packaging & Supply Co. is a family business. They have been known in Texas since 1993. Their brick-and-mortar store is famous for supply of disposable food and janitorial products that are very popular with restaurants, bakeries, schools, and event organizers. Starting from 2014, the managers decided to go online. They chose CS-Cart as the eCommerce platform for their well-established business. The entrepreneurial mindset helped them to orient in the online environment as naturally as in the physical-store business. While making decisions, the store owners trust only the reliable solutions and are always attentive to each and every detail. The storefront of this online shop was customized to make the customer journey and experience as high as the quality of their products themselves. For bookkeeping, QuickBooks Online, an Intuit software, was selected. The business owners addressed to Simtech Development for integrating and finetuning this accountant solution. The results exceeded all expectations.

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AreaSafe Project

The AreaSafe Project is an online store selling equipment to create a safe environment next to your house, office or a shopping mall, and anywhere else within the city infrastructure. The areasafe.com.au domain has several storefronts (asurban.com.au, areasafe.com.au, clicksafety.com.au and some others) united by the common idea of providing the customers with high-quality street safety products and allowing them combining products in the order and getting a quick quote.

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