Changelog and New Add-ons of August 2018 (part 2)

Roman Ananev

Let’s see a list of the most significant changes we made for our add-ons in the second half of August.

Cool New Features

Affiliate and Referral

We have improved the add-on with the ability to show the product price on the the product banner.
Furthermore, we added the ability to pay commissions to the affiliate for a user who creates an account by a referral link and changes the account status to the Affiliate has been added. Also this new user is assigned to the affiliate tree.
Another extra functionality has been added:
  • The Affiliate link has been added to the footer of the store.
  • The default plan for customers has been added when installing the add-on.
  • Any customer can be an affiliate now.
  • The Affiliate link is always available in the My Account menu now. If the user is logged in, this link leads to the affiliate account, otherwise to the login page.
  • If the Allow all customers to be affiliates setting is disabled in the add-on’s settings, the Affiliate link leads to the account with a changed user type. The user should save the page to apply the changes.
  • Some add-on settings have been renamed for the Russian localization.

SEO Templates

Important: Upgrade made easier
We are proud to introduce a new long-awaited feature for the SEO Templates add-on — ability to upgrade the add-on via Upgrade center.
Earlier, if you wanted to update the add-on by reinstalling the archive via the admin panel, you would lose the data stored in the database, and the new changes made to the database were not applied to the newly installed add-on. As a workaround, we would manually make changes to the database in the client stores.
And now we’ve developed a new system of upgrading the add-on via default CS-Cart Upgrade center. You can simply go to the Upgrade center and update the add-on to the new version, in the same way as you upgrade your store to a newer version of CS-Cart. If you upgrade the add-on in the Upgrade center, the changes will be applied correctly to the database and this issue will no longer occur.

Cart Sharing

Great new features! Now you can share the wishlist and share the link to the customer’s cart to social networks using the default Social Buttons add-on.

Sales and Social Proof

Text. Thanks to the new modification, now you can manage the display of the messages on all pages. Also, the logic of showing the pop-up about the recently purchased product and the messages on the category product page has been improved.

Apple and Google Pay Payment

Another cool new feature is the ability to pay for the order via Google account has been added to the Google Pay payment method. Since we have upgraded the Google Pay JavaScript SDK to the version.

List of Improved Add-ons

If you want to see what has been added or fixed in add-ons recently, you can follow the links below and have a look at the changelog section.
  1. Affiliate and Referral
  2. Cart Sharing
  3. SEO Templates
  4. Sales & Social Proof
  5. Apple and Google Pay Payment Gateway
  6. XML & CSV Import
  7. Airy Mobile Theme
  8. Buy Product Link
  9. CSV Product Export
  10. Advanced Social Buttons
  11. Stripe Payment Gateway

Thank you for staying with us!

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