Simtech Development

G-Shopping Case: We Grow With Growing Needs of Our Clients

Katerina Kopylova

We are excited to announce the release of a case that is presented on the SimtechDev portfolio page.

It is certainly a proud moment for us to say that we have delivered an excellent solution to our client, who we’ve been working with for the last couple of months.

Let Us Introduce G-shopping Marketplace!

The online store where consumers can buy quality products for their homes and families!

The project was ambitious, and there were high expectations to fulfill.

First of all, it is a hybrid of retailing and wholesaling business, which means a different set of features.

Secondly, the company is a distributor and manufacturer, which means functionality for managing large catalogs.

And lastly, the marketplace was meant to operate on a local market, which means compliance with local regulations was needed.

We worked hard, and as a result, we built a fully functional website for the G-shopping marketplace that is able to grow with the growing needs of the client’s business.

Go ahead and check it out!


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