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How to Convert a Simple Option into a Killer One?

Gayane Tamrazyan

Starting from Google, the Nearby feature has been widely used to find and connect people nearby based on their interests. The concept of such an approach became very popular as you can find a nearby like-minded fellow to date, share a video or a game at any point of the Globe. This whole idea also brings a fortune to an eCommerce project: a nearby cafe, repair shop, a hairdressing salon, everything that is vital or makes life easier for a customer.

Shop Locally

In CS-Cart, the Store Locator functionality is present by default. This add-on enables an entrepreneur to locate his or her brick-n-mortar store on Google Maps. The marked locations appear on the storefront and customers are able to find the nearest point of sale by entering the store name, city or country. Thus, you can gather vendors from distant areas to create a network of mutually reinforcing shops. The ‘Shop Local’ movement is getting popular day by day as the majority of consumers prefer to shop nearby, and conversion is higher if the client can touch the product. If you don’t have your own products to sell, you can source local goods from the adjacent merchants and makers to resell them in your store.

Here are some thought-starters for you:

  • Craft goods. Gather remote artisans to make them work together and meet the interests of their close customers. Let them cooperate as the people are very mobile now and travel from one place to another. Create a common experience for them helping to find a perfect craft wherever they go.
  • Hotel room booking. For a traveler or a businessman/woman, finding a place to take a meal and sleep in an unknown location is vital. Don’t miss the opportunity to offer the lodgement to someone who does not want to go far to have a rest.
  • Entertainment. Bicycles, Segways, skates, everything which is awkward to tow along with you but is perfect when found nearby.
  • Pharmaceuticals. Health is not a thing to put up with. It’s better to have a hub with all-kind pharmacy stores when something goes wrong. The nearest pharmacy can help a lot there.
  • Books, CDs, souvenirs. Make a web of vendors selling books to be present on every mile of your customer location. Compete with Amazon, be faster than 24-hour delivery. You win the game as the ‘touch-before-buy’ will work in your favor in case of close connection with your potential buyer.
  • Mobile repair. You can go further and design a smarter UI to create a better impression with the user. Take, for example. They expanded the standard functionality with the ability to search a nearby store by postal code.


You can invent your own idea on how to expand this killer’s option depending on your business needs or ask our experts to assist.

Armed with the Shop nearby idea, you can conquer any customer’s heart. A thing to remember is to offer more comfortable conditions for your clients. With the Store locator function, it is easy. Expand it to your needs with experts to connect buyers and vendors where it is convenient for both of them. Get in touch with our consultants to customize Store Locator to meet your business goals.

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