How to Keep Customers Coming Back to You?

Gayane Tamrazyan

In this article, we collected the reasons why our clients keep on coming back to us and some recommendations to please your customers. Let’s examine our example of how to support the customer base.


First and foremost, your customers are looking for companies they can rely on for guidance and clarity. Everybody wants their service providers to be open and transparent to learn about all possible setbacks or potential capabilities. In the context of the health crisis, the best way to calm anxiety is to periodically communicate and keep customers informed about the situation, give them a piece of advice, and be honest.

Our advice is not to over-promise in case you need to scale down. Depending on your messaging, your customers adjust their expectations and, more than likely, they will appreciate your honesty. Tensions are high, customers are intolerant. You should avoid overselling or under-delivering at all costs. 

At Simtech Development, we are always in touch and won’t vanish after getting paid. We value our professional reputation in the first place without stretching for yield. Below is a proof case that illustrates this approach:

The request implied redefining the whole checkout process. Our CTO (…) personally got in touch with Matt and confessed: ‘My professional recommendation is not to proceed with this customization. The current request would require serious customization to move checkout into a pop-up. Additionally, even such a customization would be designed as an add-on it would have minimal compatibility with future upgrades’. The client agreed with our opinion and didn’t undertake the modification.

Area-Safe case

Customer service

While interacting with clients about your business during the pandemic, it’s critical to show empathy, express your company’s support to your customer base, and be proactive. At the same time, you should be prepared to encounter cases when somebody is more stressed and frustrated than usual. Everyone is on edge, and your sales team should be given all instructions to respond and not to take it personally.

At Simtech Development, the Customer Care manager who welcomes customers before the sales team applies both scripts and her natural empathy to proactively respond and help with ongoing requests:

Now I got an official domain name so I would like to change all of my license domain to (…). hope you can process asap, thanks

Thank you for providing us with the opportunity to be on service to you. As you requested, I have changed the domain name from (…) to (…) for all the add-ons purchased by you. Should you require anything further, please do not hesitate to contact me. I’ll be happy to help

Thank you for your kindly support!

Help Desk communication

High quality

No matter what time we face, the quality of the service should prevail. In our case, this quality relates to how the customers – entrepreneurs and marketers – estimate the level of development and follow-up of their projects together with the overall feeling after communicating with the managers and developers. 

It’s rather a common case when after leaving us to find a cheaper developer, clients come back. Reasons vary. Sometimes, they are frustrated with the price which was very appealing at first glance, but after a thorough review extremely escalated. Sometimes, after paying the services of a cheap developer, they came back to us with a request to rework a low-quality modification. 

All my major developments were done through Simtech Development, overall it is an excellent serviсe and I am satisfied. Thanks for all the work that you have done for me. owner

Thank you, we are very happy with everything, soon we will be retaking the project and we will be giving approval to some quotes that we have done with you, happy rest of the day and many congratulations for your excellent work.

Nativo Company owner

Their knowledge of the core product and ability to configure it is very good.

ClubPay Limited executive

Simtech’s detail-oriented team strived to highlight issues and opportunities during a rigorous QA process. Transparent reporting, precise delivery, and vital problem-solving skills bolstered their capacity to approach development as a partner.

Consulting Firm manager
Learn more about what our clients think:


In crisis times, customers are disappearing very fast without explaining the reason why they’re not returning. Be sure to protect the investment you made in earning the customer trust by taking the best possible care, providing a high quality of service and ensuring a feeling of safety while dealing with you. You can rely on our expertise to keep your business developing.

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