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Why department stores are so popular in the last decades?

Because you don’t need to go elsewhere picking up small pieces of what you need in one place or another. You save your time, nerves, and often, money.

Today’s tendency is turning towards hubs where you’ve got a comprehensive service from certified experts. The IT field is not an exclusive case. At Simtech Development, we gathered the most experienced CS⁠-⁠Cart-savvy developers to provide the eCommerce entrepreneurs with the best and the most diversified services. Let us explore what the Simthech Development ‘hub’ can offer you:

#1. Custom development (aka ‘customdev’)

Everything that you don’t have in your CS⁠-⁠Cart store by default can be finetuned to your project special needs. It may include integration via API with additional payment gateways, connecting shipping services or synching with other third-party systems (like your local postal service or any other eCommerce platform where you have an account), modification of existing logic and functionality, and many more. If something is lacking in the CS⁠-⁠Cart default software and is absent on the add-ons’ marketplace, all of this still has a chance to appear in your online shop thanks to our experts. The Custom Development team include 4 project managers with more than five years’ experience in average, senior and junior frontend and backend developers, quality assurance specialists. They act seamlessly as a small band orchestrated by the 14-years’ established workflow process.

#1.1. Dedicated developer service (aka ‘DDS’)

When you need a premium-assistance, you can hire a developer from our ‘technical hub’ on a scheduled basis. You can recruit a project manager or a developer for consultations or adding modifications. It’s like assigning a visit to a service technician at a specific time. You tell us the time, and we assign our expert for the agreed slots to carry out all the customizations you need. Unlike conventional custom development, the work can be done without falling back on technical assignments, which is much more faster. Note that before asking us for ‘DDS’, share a tentative list of customizations you aspire to get for your online store so that we could choose a proper expert for your project.

#1.2. Support service

It is something between ‘customdev’ and DDS. The service includes a range of activities relating to:

  • Content filling or replacing;
  • CS⁠-⁠Cart or Multi-Vendor default functionality consultancy and finetuning;
  • Minor gigs like color changes or hiding some fields.

#1.3. CS⁠-⁠Cart Mobile App customization

You can subscribe or buy a license for the CS⁠-⁠Cart mobile app on the CS⁠-⁠Cart official website. Afterward, our developer can start discussing your ideas on what to add and what to change. Easy-breezy!

#1.4. Issue investigation/ examination service

Putting this ‘item’ into your virtual cart, you get our expertise. You’ve got some pain but don’t know what’s the reason and how to cure, this is right what you need! Taking this service, you commit us to investigate the problem to give you our expert opinion and our recommendation on further actions. If no complicated changes are required to resolve the problem and it can be completed within the budget, we will apply them. Otherwise, we provide a new quote for a solution to the problem.

#2. Design creation and integration

So we’ve passed through CustomDev departments and now we’ve come to the next section relating to design. Three segments are there:

#2.1. Style configuration

is the most simple option you may opt for. As seen from the name, you won’t have a total change of the look and feel. Our designers will explore your shop and will configure it properly. Sometimes, it is well enough to complete the shop overall style and attract more visitors.  

#2.2. Unique selling design

is performed based on PSD-mockups. This service is more labor-consuming and is estimated higher. Usually, the mockups are prepared for the three main pages: homepage, product and checkout pages.  

#2.3. Premium design

with WOW-effect, logo, mood board.  An all-inclusive option for those who want to have everything at once and with minimum efforts.

#2.4. Design and usability audit

This job is done when you are asking for recommendations, not for changes. The expert will study your website as seen from desktop, mobile, and tablet, look through all the website elements (buttons, logo, and overall key arrangement), color scheme, user path, and behaviour and give you wise pieces of advice on how to improve it in the form of a comprehensive report.

#3. Amazon Cloud Hosting

Any project needs to be hosted somewhere before launch. So, if you found yourself in our ‘all-in-one’ hub, why not to entrust your hosting to the experts working in one team that provides you with customizations? Wide range of hosting plans for one Amazon incentive with additional perks! Free migration service for CS⁠-⁠Cart based projects, server management and maintenance, backups and monitoring, DNS migration, SSL certificate installation and more.

#4. Add-ons

These extensions will easily help you in customizing your shop without waiting for a developer. It is like a part-cooked product: put it to your store and start using it! The Add-ons Department will additionally provide you with their support service. You can get it whether on an incident basis, on monthly terms. Buying an add-on, you can also purchase installation.


Welcome to our ‘Onestop Department Store”! Get everything in one place with 100% qualified team!

Order Service!

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