Simtech Development

Simtech Development: Nonstop Progress

Roman Ananev

Since its foundation in 2005 Simtech Development has never ceased moving forward. Each day we got closer to our customers, studied their needs, the challenges they were facing in eCommerce and did our best to created the solutions to respond to those challenges. We enjoyed growing with our clients side by side and discovering new opportunities together.
Last 4 years for Simtech Development has been an outstanding age of rapid growth with lots of amazing discoveries and brave improvements. This journey was fantastic and will always be that way thanks to those brands and people we meet and work with every day – to you.
Let’s look back for a moment to see what we managed to achieve together.


2014 was the year when we decided to expand as swiftly as possible. We sharply increased the number of executed projects and the geography of our portfolio.

  • 507 projects accomplished
  • Clients from 150 countries
  • 15 new employees


Throughout 2015 we continued our expansion strategy. Alongside the continuous increase in the number of projects, we recruited new experienced and young promising employees.

  • 715 projects accomplished
  • Clients from 150 countries
  • 30 new employees


In 2016, we started developing more complicated and time-consuming projects that required detailed research and deep knowledge of the specifics of the eCommerce. itself. The total number of projects decreased, but the number of development hours grew significantly. We started growing into the deep. Successful implementation of the heavy projects resulted in a qualitative development leap of eCommerce business of the clients.

  • 450 projects accomplished
  • Clients from 150 countries
  • 5 new employees


  • 468 projects accomplished
  • Clients from 150 countries
  • 21 new employees

2017 was the year of new horizons! Dedicating maximum effort and love for each project, we mastered new skills and extended our knowledge to provide our existing and future clients and partners with new opportunities. 2 new destinations were explored:


We are rounding up the year 2018 in January, but already today we can confidently say it will follow the strategy of the previous period. Non-stop development!
Thank you for staying with us!

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