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How to boost LTV

How to Increase Lifetime Value of Your Customers?

Customer Lifetime Value is a crucial metric to measure the efforts you spent on customer engagement. There are lots of ways of how you can optimize your efforts on retaining customers with you. Here we’ll examine the most up-to-date approaches to increase LTV with mobile app development. You will get a cost breakdown of building apps depending on the chosen way.

How Do PWAs work on mobiles?

How do PWAs work on mobiles?

We keep on introducing our recently-developed Progressive Web App. In this article we examine the best PWA examples. The post shares the scores and the results the eCommerce got from implementing the PWA technology. At the end of the article, you’ll get some of FAQ answered about PWAjet.


Meet PWAjet, the First Simtech Development Progressive Web App!

We have developed a unique solution combining mobile app features and desktop version of an online store or marketplace. Meet our new PWAjet. We used the latest technologies to bring you all the benefits of a lightning-fast app capable to work with no connection and a desktop version for your convenience! This post deals with the key features of the newly-developed app for CS-Carts and Multi-Vendors.

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