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Top 3 Posts of Spring You Loved the Most!

Gayane Tamrazyan

Summer is coming. Let’s look back to see what we did and what you considered as the most interesting in our blog in spring!

1. Auto-Scaling For CS-Cart In AWS Infrastructure, by Maksim Komonov

Startups grow as time goes on. If in the first run having much space and specific configuration is not critical, becoming big, you will require all of that to sustain loads and stay lucrative for the existing and new customers. Scaling resolves high spikes in the website load, unnecessary expenses due to improper configuration, and auto-scaling makes the same but quick and pain-free.

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2. Localization: How to Speak the Same Language with Your Customers? Europe, by Elena Rychkova

The article is one more post in the Localization series. From the previous episodes, we’ve learned the difference between localizing and going global, translation and localization, and why to invest in China. In this post, Elena shares her own experience in europanising your project. This article deals with the cultural, legal, business environment specific to Europe. Look what to pay attention to and how to make money in this promising location.

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3. Simtech Development Exposed: Honest Reviews, by Maksim Komonov

Feedback is always meaningful. If everything goes seamless, it is likely that you stagnate. Any review, especially a negative one, is a chance to make things better. Look what good and what bad our customers say about us to form your own opinion!

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