Ways to Support Small Businesses During COVID-19

Gayane Tamrazyan
How to support small businesses during Covid-19?

The last Saturday of November celebrates the Day of supporting Small Businesses. This year the event was especially resonating amid the pandemic. Development agencies who help digital entrepreneurs to technically equip their businesses cannot stay aside. Many eCommerce software developers announced how they support SMBs in the COVID-19 times. Since the onset of the health crisis, our team assists customers in promoting, keeping the head above water and growing. This post deals with the measures we take to support SMBs.

Background behind Small Business Saturday

“Small Business Saturday” sits between Black Friday and Cyber Monday and was first organized in 2010. This day is devoted to supporting small businesses and their communities. The year 2020 is more important than ever to show support to digital entrepreneurs struggling to keep their businesses when everybody is not sure about the future. Let’s show our support for our small businesses within our communities! It’s also crucial this year to have a plan for your holiday shopping and to start early. So, we’re encouraging CS-Cart users and beyond not only to Shop Small during the holiday season but through the next year also!

Shoppers, business owners, and companies can come together to shop small online and at the local businesses that make their communities unique. Let’s show them how much they mean to us and help each other! 

Why do you need to shop small?

  • 62% of SMBs in the U.S. say they would like to see consumer spending return by the end of 2020 to stay in business.
  • During the last year of Small Business Saturday, the U.S. shoppers spent $19.6 billion, the highest record figure till then.
  • 70 percent of adults in the U.S. reported to be aware of the Small Business Saturday
  • 96% of respondents who made a purchase during Small Business Saturday say that they had a positive social, economic, and environmental impact.
  • 97% of buyers supporting SMBs agree that small businesses and their communities are an integral part of their day-to-day lives. 

The fact is that on average 67 cents spent to buy something from a local independent company in the U.S. stay in the local community. Shopping Small, you improve your local community, whether it is a local coffee shop, hairdresser, or a .

How can you help Small Businesses?

  • Dive into Cases: those are the most loyal customers of us. Each case is accompanied by a link to the website. Each website contains social links you can subscribe to, like, and share their posts, or at least share their content to other businesses who may be interested in collaborating. 
  • Go to posts under the Success Stories or Case Study sections of our blog. The stories tell about our customers who succeeded at the times when we were at an active stage of our mutual work. Since then, not all of them have managed to evolve and fit the current situation. Share their content on your Stories and spread the word of mouth. Convey some love messages to other businesses this Shopping Holiday Season!
  • Go to your local businesses’ websites or social accounts for the most up-to-date information about shopping online, becoming a seller or an affiliate! It may be found that you can be of help to each other!

Some businesses that we’ve helped to grow


I truly believe that the Humble Market will be a success and change the way people shop online – the aim is to allow customers to shop small with the convenience of shopping big, all whilst purchasing natural goods that help both themselves and the planet! But getting customers to know about us is by far the biggest issue.

Location: UK

Read the full interview with the CEO


We are Vawoo.co.uk – the first vape marketplace that connects e-cigarette manufacturers, sellers, wholesalers, and targeted customers in one place. We build trustful relationships with industry essential players, expand brand recognition for the entire vaping auditory. Today, dozens of large vape retailers are collaborating with our UK oriented marketplace, providing tens of thousands of high-quality e-cigarettes, e-liquids, and accessories. Over the past 3 years of fruitful work, we have developed an impressive customer base, earning the trust of thousands of buyers.

Location: UK

Read the full interview with the CEO


Back in 2017, Sophie decided to quit her job as a marketing coordinator and an assistant of a UHNWI relationship manager at a Swiss bank and pursue her dream to become an entrepreneur in the fashion industry.

Now this ambitious Millennial is single-handedly curating her own fashion marketplace online and doing her 3rd year of studies in the fashion business in London.

Urbankissed marketplace now stocks over 50 sustainable and innovative labels from around the world. Each brand goes to great lengths to make sure their entire supply chain, from the growing and harvesting of the organic cotton to the final sewing and all the processes in between, are as clean and responsible as possible.

Location: UK

Read the full interview with the CEO


KABLEWALA is a multi-discipline & eCommerce company from Bangladesh launched back in 2018. Their range of products includes almost everything an Asian buyer may need: from clothing to mobile phones and jewelry. From the very start, they selected the CS⁠-⁠Cart software and customized it with us.

Location: Bangladesh

Read the full interview with the CEO


PuzzlesPrint is one of the leading manufacturers of personalized puzzles for customers in the United States.

PuzzlesPrint helps customers turn their photo into a jigsaw puzzle and create a great personalized gift for any special event significant for them!

Location: Latvia 

Read the full interview with the CEO 

The Online Cycle Shop

The Online Cycle Shop was originally a UK based bike shop established in 2012. After years of success, we wanted to take the shop to the next level. We already had a large, expanding, and loyal customer base and to fulfill their needs in 2019 we decided to convert to a marketplace so we could bring on more suppliers and brands. 

Location: UK

Read the full interview with the CEO


My business is running marketplace eCommerce that allows sellers to sell physical products at the beginning, then later we will allow sellers to sell digital products as well.

Location: Vietnam

Read the full interview with the CEO

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