Why Do Large eCommerce Projects Need Load Testing?

Load Testing by ASAP Lab

In this article, we will talk about load testing: why it should be done, who needs it, and what stages it consists of. At the end of the article, you will learn about a new promotion, which will save you budget and improve the performance of your website with the server optimization. In one of our previous articles, we have already talked about optimizing server performance. In this article, let’s focus on load testing.

What is load testing

Load testing is emulation of the simultaneous operation of hundreds and thousands users, produced on a test bench, to analyze the operation of the system under load.

Your site will be checked for non-functional requirements: performance, stability, scalability, stress and fault tolerance.

For this, we isolate load sources, draw up a testing model, monitor server operation to find differences in metrics in different operating modes of the system, and develop scripts to simulate the load.

What does the load testing consist of?

  • We determine the maximum system performance on the existing equipment (maximum and optimal number of users)
  • Identify weaknesses in the application code and database queries that need to be optimized to increase the number of processed users
  • Check the stability of the system – whether there are memory leaks on the server and operation is stable for a long time, which is especially important for 24/7 systems)
  • Explore scalability (determine how to add another server or RAM to the system to increase the number of users)
  • Check the stress tolerance: whether the system can restore its own operability even after load surges, for example, with an influx of customers on Black Friday.

Testing types

  • Performance testing

Allows you to find out the performance limit, measure the execution time of operations at given loads, investigate performance at extreme loads

  • Stress testing

Testing at notoriously high loads to check the system’s ability to regeneration after stress

  • Volume testing

Allows you to evaluate performance when the amount of data in the database increases

  • Endurance testing

Test of system operation under high load for a long time.

What do you get as a result of load testing

You will get a report that includes information on the maximum system performance, performance monitoring results such as response times, system resources, and practical recommendations for optimizing system performance, ranked by degree of impact on the final performance.

As a result of the implementation of the recommendations, you will be able to:

  • Ensure stable operation of applications during periods of regular and peak loads
  • Minimize risks when introducing new system releases
  • Be confident in the resiliency of the system
  • Effectively plan your IT budget

Threats hidden in insufficient performance

Insufficient performance of the IT system can lead to disastrous consequences:

  • Financial losses due to complete system failure and shutdown
  • Loss of existing and potential customers
  • Profit losses due to limited software operation
  • Loss of reputation that has been earned over the years
  • Ineffective work of personnel due to the system inaccessibility and “idling”.

You need load testing if:

  • You are going to take into operation a new eCommerce project implying operation with a large number of users.
  • Want to understand the capabilities of the existing system, and find out the maximum allowable load.
  • Expect a season of high sales or prepare to launch a large-scale advertising campaign, which will cause a sharp increased load on the system.
  • Plan to launch new services that will increase the current load.
  • Plan to change the architecture or make significant changes to the functionality of a highly loaded system.
  • Doubt the software update will not degrade performance.
  • You are going to centralize multiple systems.

For those who is ready to run the load testing, we’ve just got a special offer:

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As a result of Basic Load Testing you will get a report indicating the bottlenecks of the project and which pages are better to optimize, recommendations for optimizing the project operation and server infrastructure, plus a $100 discount for subsequent optimization work if you order it from us within 3 months.

What do you get with Server Optimization?

  • Enhance your business security
  • Pinpoint performance bottlenecks and discover improvement opportunities
  • Optimize your server and site performance 
  • Keep your infrastructure at maximum capacity

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