AWS hosting application

The application will integrate AWS server monitoring system with CS-Cart or Multi-Vendor platform. This will allow monitoring of online store performance and providing vital recommendations on how to improve it. Advanced logging options will help during investigations after incidents in case they happen. Also, our application provides some recommendations, fixes for CS-Cart flaws or misconfiguration issues.

Security patches and performance tweaks

Additional security patches, performance tweaks coming faster than they will be released officially ;)

Advanced logging

To extend awareness about the actions made to CS-Cart the add-on offers additional parameters to watch for and log changes. Some of them are:

  • settings update
  • upgrade installs
  • add-on installs/uninstalls
  • translations made/deleted
  • etc.

Production mode

The mode allows blocking any possible changes in the CS-Cart settings or installing/uninstalling add-ons. Enabling this option will protect you from unwanted operations that can significantly affect the store performance.

CS-Cart recommendations

The add-on will monitor well-known security misconfigurations and some gaps that can be exploited by the intruders to harm your business. Plus, Recommendations will provide insights about how to improve store performance.

Getting the application

  1. Contact us via MyCloud for getting the promo-code for download application for free :)
  2. Download application for your CS-Cart versions and install it.
  3. Now you have extra monitoring, and we can check CS-Cart “health” status.

We’ll be continuously adding new features to the add-on to improve security and performance.



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