Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is Cloud Hosting by Simtech Development?

We provide a full technical solution for your website that includes: dedicated server with server and website monitoring, daily backups to another server, 24/7 server incidents reaction, etc. Our best features also include:

  • Optimized server configuration for eCommerce projects
  • Web server fine-tuning by an AWS-certified expert to provide maximum performance
  • The highest hosting and delivery quality powered by Amazon
  • Strong and up-to-date security to protect your website from attacks


Also, I just would like to remind you that we provide not only a server; this is a complete technical solution with a lot of enterprise-level features and improvements for your website. We offer around the clock server monitoring so you can have the peace of mind.

I have read that your Cloud Hosting will save my spendings. How?

We have made our decision so that by choosing us, you cover most of the expenses for the technical team. We have specialists such as system administrators, SRE and DevOps engineers and information security specialists with developers.

We do not limit the number of requests and tasks, but if the question is far from our specialization, we will transfer it to the development team on special terms.

Could you migrate my project with no-downtime?

We are well aware that a project must always be available, and that is why we have designed a methodology to migrate projects with almost no downtime. The only bottleneck is database synchronization, but it usually takes 1-2 minutes, and we do the final migration at night (specified by you) when the site has the least number of visitors.

Is it possible to host multiple projects on the server?

We do not limit the number of projects on the server. Restrictions are imposed only by the size of disk space, but we can increase it upon your request.

Also, you should understand that if some of your projects have a security issue, this may affect the safety of other projects (generally it applies to old versions of the software without security patches. If you have any questions or doubts regarding security of your projects, please, don’t hesitate to contact us). In this case, we will recommend you to have separate servers.

Could you install CMS for me?

No problem, we will install any CMS that works with the PHP+MySQL technology stack. Also, have a special configuration for such CMS’s and frameworks as Multi-Vendor and CS-Cart (any redaction), Magento, WordPress, WooCommerce, Prestashop, Laravel, and Yii2.

Do you provide SSL certificate?

Yes! We provide free, automatically renewed SSL certificates from Let’s Encrypt. No actions required from you :)

Learn from this educational guide how to migrate to HTTPS without traffic loss and follow this Migration Checklist to double check yourself after migration.

Do you optimize images?

Yes, we optimize images (jpg, jpeg, png) daily without losing image quality. It helps save server space and speed up the website load. Also, our method allows optimizing without involving any third-party services which makes our system failproof, fast and stable.

>>> Images may take more than 38% of a web page's overall weight.

Why AWS Cloud Hosting by Simtech Development does not provide 24/7 human support?

That is not entirely true to say that we don’t have a human watching your project day and night. We have a complex multi-layer monitoring system that does watch your server 24/7/365 non-stop. In case something happens, it will try to fix the problem and will also urgently wake up a human developer to fix it or to double check it. The monitoring system keeps an eye on your server performance, security integrity, back up procedure and on hundreds of other indicators. Moreover, we have a secondary monitoring system that checks the primary. So, we assure that your project has 24/7 support, but not human all the time due to complex and effective automation.

What is Auto-Healing Options?

Your server is being monitored in real-time 24/7/365. You don’t have to worry about your website crashing, for example. Most of the issues within the server are resolved with auto-healing workflow and after it we will investigate the root cause of it.

What will you do if my project becomes unavailable for some reason outside your working hours?

  1. Our multi-layer monitoring system detect issue, which leads to the performance degradation or any issues on the project.
  2. The monitoring system will call the specialist on duty on his personal mobile immediately.
  3. The specialist will start to investigate the root cause and do possible solutions according to the SLA (15 min).
  4. All the reports about the problems and their resolutions we are providing only in working days, except for cases, when we can’t resolve the issue immediately, or it needs client decision (in this case, we will contact you via MyCloud).

> Don’t worry about specialist on duty unavailability, in 10 min issue will be escalated to the head of the SRE (Site Reliability Engineering) department and other specialists.

Why do you recommend having separate “development” and “production” environments?

If you store the “dev” and “prod” websites on one server, you should understand that they both are using common resources such as CPU/RAM/Disk/etc. And if any error/issue occurs on the “dev” project, it can affect “production” aka live website. And it even may result in losing customers and revenue. Also, the development environment may be an excellent target for hacker attacks if you don’t follow the basic rules of information security.

We can provide development servers for your projects, where you can enhance and improve your store.

I need a server for development purpose. Could you set up it for me?

Sure, we can provide you with a server for development. They will be provided with a discount of 40% off the plan from PRICING PLANS. But there will be several differences and limitations:

  1. XHPROF installed and configured for PHP profiling routine
  2. Extended log files and reports
  3. Reaction time from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. (GMT +4) via MyCloud

Which access to the server you provide?

We provide SSH (Secure Shell), SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) access to the server, secured PHPMyAdmin for each project.

Also, you can manage SSH/SFTP users on the server via MyCloud “Manage users” functionality. Sure, we provide the “root” user but want to inform you that we manage server configuration, improve it, and make server software updates. If you need to make some general changes, let us know, and we do everything for you quickly and efficiently.

Why there is no FTP?

FTP servers carry numerous vulnerabilities such as anonymous authentication capabilities, directory traversals, and cross-site scripting, making port 21 an ideal target. It also leaves plaintext credentials data transport unsafe.

As an alternative to FTP, we provide SFTP with a stronger encryption of traffic between SFTP client and the SFTP server. In addition, SFTP supports additional features such as public key authentication and compression. Here you can learn how to connect to your server via SFTP.

You make backups?

We make daily backups and keep each of them (including store) for 7 days. All backups are stored on our servers and are deducted from disk storage limitations for each tariff plan (e.g. 40Gb for Premium tariff plan).

Do backups occupy server space?

No, they don’t! All backups are stored in our servers/S3 buckets and are deducted from disk storage limitations for each tariff plan.

Is it possible to provide a backup for us?

You can contact us via MyCloud, specify the date and time for which you need backup and we will prepare archives with database and files for you.

Also, the backup can be restored upon your request.

What does “up to 80 users online” in the pricing on AWS Cloud Hosting homepage mean?

This is not a limit set up by the hosting, but the capability of CS-Cart as calculated by us during stress testing. The indicator tells how many visits on average can CS-Cart store hold in a certain time unit simultaneously. The value may vary depending on multiple factors: code quality, add-ons, how they interact, etc. If the code is bad and the requests are not optimized, the indicator will significantly decrease. But if have a developer who follows the guidelines of CS-Cart regarding code and infrastructure, the value will be higher then average. We recommend working with trusted developers, recommended by CS-Cart.

Moreover, if you have Varnish installed and configured correctly, the indicator will grow up by multiple times. For example, we increase this indicator with Varnish from 80 users online to 1000+.

Why you don’t recommend using cPanel/Plesk/etc?

Control panels make it very hard or sometimes even impossible to perform certain optimizations. Besides, control panels do not allow to unleash the full potential of the advanced DevOps services like CI/CD, monitoring, etc. Yes, a control panel is a convenient server management tool for a small company, that is digitally not mature enough for server and website optimizations.

Local own DNS server should be migrated. We point on it because of issues with the server unavailability will affect DNS records at the world. And your website will be “forgotten” for the users until DNS records don’t update on the DNS nameservers like Google (,, Cloudflare (, OpenDNS/Umbrella (,, Quad9 (, called authoritative DNS and on others local DNS nameservers (Recursive), which works based on To Live (TTL) value.

It can happen if, for example, your hosting provider will down, DDoS`ed or they will have some problems Or your server will crash or be disabled because of some the unpaid orders :)

We recommend to use CloudFlare or Yandex.PDD (with free email service for domain).

Moreover, providing an option to create own mailing server, control panels make the process complicated while not ensuring 100% stability and high delivery rate.

Being configured incorrectly, it can result in:

  • Undelivered emails
  • Unfiltered SPAM and getting regular emails in the SPAM folder
  • Other problems described in this article

We recommend using trusted mailing systems like Google Suite, Yahoo Mail, AWS WorkMail, Yandex Pdd (article).

Also, you can read this article: “Know what’s a terrible idea? Mixing hosting with email” with these main points

  1. If One Goes Down, It All Goes Down
  2. Migration is a Royal PITA
  3. It’s like hiring the wrong person for the job



If you have a problem, need assistance with tweaks or a free consultation, if you just want to discuss your project with experts and estimate the outcome, if you're looking for a solution that reinforces your online business, we will help. Let us know through MyCloud or email.