About licensing and certification

License agreement is a mechanism of intellectual property protection of Simtech Development from illegal use, copying and transferring to the third parties. In order to activate the purchased product, the client receives a unique license key.

By purchasing a product, the client is to provide the following information:

  1. Domain name (obligatory)
  2. CS-Cart/Multivendor edition the add-on is purchased for (if necessary)
  3. Update subscription period (if necessary)

When purchasing the product, the client is allowed to insert several domain names. The license key is imputed to the first mentioned domain. A license is valid within a single administration panel only. The client can NOT use one license for two or more live administration panels. License also covers test and development domain in order to test the purchased Simtech Development product prior to its installation to the live store. In case the client uses the CS-Cart Ultimate edition, the license is active for all storefronts managed from the single Administration panel. Address the tech support service in order to change the main domain.