About our support

We support our customers. We provide our customers with free and technical support.

Subscription for Technical Support includes

  1. Free add-on installation service
  2. Finding issues; identifying causes of issues
  3. Fixing issues related to the store performance
  4. Logs and settings analysis
  5. Assistance with settings configuration*
  6. Adaptation of Simtech Development add-ons to the store without making any changes to the third-party add-ons already installed
  7. Add-on customization (up to 4 hours)**
  8. Unlimited number of service requests
  9. Consulting, analysis and estimation within 24 hours
  10. Response time 24 hours
  11. Technical Support extends to all modules by Simtech Development
  12. 50% discount on add-ons during the subscription (does not stack with other active discounts. The highest discount will apply).

A 50% discount on support subscription does not apply to bundles and the source code of deprecated add-ons.

The discount does not stack with other promotions by add-ons (for example Build your own bundle). If the product participates in several promotions, the highest discount will apply

The discount stacks with individual discounts for add-ons, ie. if the add-on costs $150 without a discount and $100 with an individual discount, then the support subscription discount will be 50% of $100

Pay-per-incident service includes

  1. A single support request
  2. Resolving one issue
  3. Logs and settings analysis
  4. Assistance with settings configuration*
  5. Adaptation of Simtech Development add-ons to the store without making any changes to the third-party add-ons already installed
  6. Consulting and analysis within 24 hours after the purchase

Free queries for consultation include

  1. Advisory questions on add-ons that do not require individual verification at the customer�s store
  2. Response to the inquiry within 7 business days
  3. Documentation, instructions, and descriptions for the add-ons

If you report a bug

  1. Add a full description of the misconduct, screenshots and step-by-step explanation of how it can be recreated on default software
  2. Creating a service request for verification, 3-5 days
  3. If the problem is reproduced on the default installation, a task is created in the backlog, for investigation. All improvements are made according to prioritization.
  4. If the problem can’t be recreated, an additional customer’s store check will be required. This will be done as part of an incident or subscription to Technical Support.


Support subscription plan does not cover add-ons configuration for additional integration services such as payment gateways (additional access permissions to the integration systems and confidential client settings are required).

** You can request the add-on customization service only if you have the support subscription. The estimated time for the customization work should not be more than four hours. All our customization services come with a warranty that expires the same day the support subscription period ends. The task for the requested customization service can be scheduled either in the current sprint or the next one, depending on the workload of the developers.

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