How to create a perfect ticket

Steps to follow

This is what makes a ticket effective:

  1. Detailed and clear description of the issue
  2. Step-by-step instructions on reproducing the issue
  3. Valid access credentials (FTP/SSH and access to the admin panel)
  4. Confirmation for making changes to your store
  5. Screenshots of the issue

Describe the issue you are having in detail

When you are contacting the support team you usually have a certain question or problem in mind. Try to describe the situation in as many details as possible. Make it simple, so anyone could understand what’s wrong and what bothers you.

Explain how to reproduce the issue

There is a rule stating that “to fix the problem, it should be reproduced first”. If you explain how to reproduce the problem step-by-step, we’ll be able to repeat it faster, thus come up with a solution faster.

Add access to the admin panel and FTP/SSH access to the server

If you would like us to fix the issue in your store, it’s obvious that we will need access to it. Providing access along with your request will save a lot of time. We strongly recommend to use our secure page for providing access information:

Confirm that we can make changes to the files

We may need to make changes to the files of the add-on on your server to fix the issue. In case that happens, having your confirmation from the start, we will be able to fix the issue faster.

Attach a screenshot of the issue

Sometimes it’s hard to describe what you see with words. If the problem is visible, show it. It will help us a lot. For making screenshots we usually use the services like


This is wrong:

  1. “Hi, I bought your add-on and have some questions after the installation”
  2. “Hi, your add-on doesn’t work”
  3. “Greetings, your add-on works in a weird way”
  4. “I got errors in the store after installing your add-on”
  5. “I got an error from your add-on, fix please”
  6. “I open the page and don’t understand why it looks this way. Please fix it.”

This is good, be like this guy:

Hi, I bought your add-on (name). I installed add-on version (add-on version) in my CS-Cart store (store version) with the theme (name). I read the description on the add-on’s page, installed and set it up according to the instructions provided here After that, when I go to page, I see this (screenshot attached). Please have a look. I also added FTP/SSH access and access to the admin panel of the store. You are free to make changes to the store if needed.

Places to seek help: