How we develop our add-ons

  • We develop the add-ons according to the standards set by CS-Cart and use the built-in capabilities to expand default functionality, using PHP 7
  • Add-ons depend on the version of either CS-Cart or Multi-Vendor
  • Our add-ons are compatible with default CS-Cart/Multi-Vendor add-ons
  • We carefully test the add-ons and always think of their future users
  • We release new features once in two weeks.

We keep the add-ons evolving and will be glad to hear your ideas. You can just email us.

We use SCRUM methodology, working 2-week sprints and releasing new features at the end of each sprint. We take feature requests and set priority for them, then add them to the development plan for the next sprints to come. Our developers support add-ons and fix issues as well, but it’s obvious that the more support requests we get, the fewer features we can add.

All changes are covered by our awesome changelog newsletter by Alex. Got an idea? Send it to us! email

And a small fly in the ointment:

  1. We cannot guarantee full compatibility with third-party themes and add-ons as there are tons of them and some of them don’t comply with CS-Cart standards.
  2. We cannot guarantee that our add-ons will be fully compatible with heavily customized projects either. There is quite a possibility the add-ons will work with no issues, but we’d recommend you to consult your developers about it.