Addons and Themes Special Offers

On this page, we have collected all our discounts and actions for add-ons, themes and some services — both permanent and temporary ones.

Mega SEO package​

Mega SEO Package includes three add-ons and goes with a discount as a bundle product​


All this will benefit your online store in terms of speed, SEO, low bounce rate and a lot more​

  • Google AMP for SEO – allows you to create mobile optimized content for the product details pages. Thanks to the add-on, it takes just a couple of clicks to make your website go mobile and improve mobile performance.


  • JSON-LD for SEO – provides the organized and structured data for your store using & JSON-LD markup. If you use this markup, search engines like Google can pick up this data and present it in an enhanced way.


  • SEO Templates – the template engine for meta elements. It optimizes the most important metadata for products, categories, pages, blog posts, and product images. You do not need to enter metadata manually anymore. You just create a template that will be automatically applied to the selected entities.