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Wherever your startup is, from concept to scaleup, Simtech Development startup program can help move your business forward.

We know how to manage global distribution digital channels

Manufacturers are expanding international markets. Their conservatism is switching to experimenting and restraint to curiosity

Powerful ground for business growth

Give your growth strategy an all-in-one tool to become a reality

Build your product​

Возьми у нас CS⁠-⁠Cart, аддонов, тему и все такое. Давай мы даже поможем тебе настроить, а? Круто же?

Get hosting and storage​

Какой CS⁠-⁠Cart, да и еще и без сервера. Мы подберем тебе что надо, будем мониторить и помогать на всех стадиях.

Get insights and analytics​

Мы запускали много чего и знаем что и как надо делать. Давай поможем тебе, поделившись инсайтами, да и с аналитикой подскажем, если что.

Prepare for fast growth and scaling

Запустился и красавчик

Manufacturers are having hard times​

While some manufacturers still don’t have a digital distribution channel at all, only presence, the others, who are building it, face the difficulties with planning, making decisions and getting feedback from their customers.​

Keeping in touch with the end-customers ​

Distribution network also serves to collect customers’ feedback that can influence the entire business strategy. But distributors can slow down the communication. Global marketing campaigns and testing are taking
too much time and effort to launch in these circumstances.

Global control over the distribution network

Distributors are rarely regulated in the digital means they use. Plus they don’t have certification in respect of digital distribution expertise. It influences product releases, stock synchronization, financial reporting and fulfillment tracking in a negative way.

Strategic blindness

Having distributors using different analytical and reporting tools, manufacturers don’t own the data about the effectiveness of the channel. Without a standardized analysis system the correct segmentation and personalization is impossible. Brands don’t know their customers and don’t know how the products perform.