Add-Ons Changelog for the Second Part of October 2020

Simtech Development Team
Add-Ons Changelog

Hello! You’re with the Add-Ons Development Department. Look what awesome updates and useful improvements in CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor extensions we’ve got for you here for the past two weeks of October 2020!

List of Improved Add-ons 

If you want to see what has been added or fixed in add-ons for all the time, you can follow the links below and have a look at the changelog section.

Follow Vendor


[fixed] Event notifications were not sent to vendor subscribers.

Advanced Social Buttons


[fixed] The color specified in the Show specific color setting was not applied when switching product variations.

Version v4.10.0.2

[added] A new Scroll direction for panel display setting has been added to the add-on settings. Now the panel is displayed according to specified conditions. Available options are Up and Down.

Vendor ratings

Version v4.9.0.10

[changed] The add-on has been adapted to Unitheme2.

Urban Shift Front Pack

Version v4.10.0.7

[changed] The theme has been adapted to CS-Cart 4.11.5.

Hamburger menu

Version v4.9.0.1

[fixed] The modal window was not displayed at full height.

[fixed] Mail with many characters moved the close button.

[fixed] The rgb (0, 0, 0) color was not applied for all color pickers in the add-on settings.

[added] Closing of the window by pressing Esc button has been added.

[added] Switching of focus to a modal window when opening, and back when closing has been added.

Version v4.9.0.1

[changed] Indexes were added to the pbl_payment_order_invitation table to improve add-on performance.

[fixed] The address of the main domain was substituted into quick purchase links when buying from an additional storefront.

SEO Auditor

Version v4.9.0.2

[fixed] Audit was carried out for all store languages, not only for the shared ones.

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