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SPA/PWA for eCommerce websites

Use trend web capabilities to deliver an app-like experience to users

Benefit from relatively simple development, high speed and convenience for users, as well as new business development opportunities.


SPA benefits for business

This is a site that, in fact, loads only once the first time you open it. And all the content that you open (sections, articles, etc.) is simply loaded when clicked.

  • Single-page applications run significantly faster than regular sites. The download speed is higher, respectively, they are more convenient for users

  • SPA is better adapted for multi-platform: such a web application perfectly shows itself on any devices and browsers

  • Due to its “lightness” and speed, the SPA interface is more responsive than in standard sites

  • SPA are perceived and indexed by search engines on a par with regular sites

PWA benefits for business

This is a kind of hybrid website and mobile application that runs on JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. When you open it on the desktop, it looks like a normal site, but if you open it on the phone, it functions as a mobile application and loads much faster.

  • Speed of work. Like SPA, advanced web applications run significantly faster than standard websites and native applications

  • Convenience. PWA has a more responsive interface, it is convenient to use

  • It works offline. Users can view site content even without the Internet, if its content is already installed on their device

  • It can send push notifications as a native application. This is a useful tool that will help you remind users more often about themselves

  • Increases conversion. With its user-friendly interface, notifications and availability, PWA boosts business performance

  • A ready-made site can be adapted for PWA - it will be faster and cheaper than creating a native application from scratch


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Automated work space for staff for order management

Architecture Design

Custom Development


Made a full-fledged system for managing all business processes of the organization from what was originally an eCommerce platform.

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