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Performance Audit for eCommerce website

360 optimized

½ of a second — that’s all you have to impress the search engine and meet the industry standard. Don’t give your visitors a chance to leave the store because of the slow loading.

Server performance audit

We perform a full check of your server environment and provide settings that will work best for your store.

CS-Cart configuration audit

We locate bottlenecks caused by incorrect/not optimal CS-Cart settings and solve these issues.

Code audit

We check the operation of third-party modules for conflicts and help to eliminate them.

Learn how to speed up the loading of your online store on any device!

How we run tests

Store testing

  • Disabling of third-party add-ons

  • Standard cache

  • Store functionality

  • HTTP requests via the browser console

  • JavaScript errors

  • CS-Cart debug panel

  • Templates and themes

  • Examination with Google PageSpeed Insights, comments on the results

  • CS-Cart profiling

Server testing

  • Domain information

  • DNS and area information, DNS transfer and update status

  • Server operating system (recommendation for using latest versions)

  • Database management system

  • Web-server configuration

  • Content Delivery Network

  • Mail server, FTP, Firewall

  • PHP (compatibility of components and versions and configuration)


Load testing

Sometimes it’s required to evaluate the ability of the online store to bear a particular amount of load. For this purpose, we create a system prototype to carry out testing of static and dynamic loads and monitor page-loading time. We have a huge experience in project implementation for online stores with thousands of visitors per day.

How strong is your website and server?

Check your website security gaps, server settings and search engine optimization


Our clients

The result is exactly as planned

Simtech is the company that has integrated a new design on our website, created by our designers. The result is exactly as planned, Simtech's professional team was transparent, reliable, responsive, flexible and fast in their work, for which we are immensely grateful.


Enisa Palamar

CEO of The Real Luxury

Our cases


Automated work space for staff for order management

Architecture Design

Custom Development


Made a full-fledged system for managing all business processes of the organization from what was originally an eCommerce platform.

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