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Quality Policy


Simtech Development quality policy is determined by its mission:

“We work to meet the needs and exceed the expectations of internet entrepreneurs. We find solutions for clients today to make their life easier tomorrow and make their business more successful.”


Company Strategic vision

Our goal is to ensure sustainable business development and scaling. Our priorities are to expand the range of services and master new ECommerce markets. We plan to achieve great results of the set business objectives by constant quality improvement of the developed software, the growth of operational efficiency and the professionalism of the Simtech Development team.

In the next 3 years, we aim to ensure business development, in which the company’s annual revenue will amount to 1 billion rubles, and the profitability will be not less than 25%.

These financial indicators will be reached by achieving of the following strategic objectives:


1. Diversification

Gradual withdrawal from the implementation of projects exclusively on the CS-Cart ECommerce platform. Expansion of the line of products, services and applied technologies to enable the complex project implementation and meeting customer needs by a turnkey solution. Shift from a Company – technical contractor to the Company – complex integrator of solutions required by the client.


2. Scaling

Company growth by increasing the sales volume and attracting new customers in the Enterprise segment (medium and large business with an annual revenue from 1 billion rubles) through building the effective work of the marketing and sales departments.

We plan to multiply the number of transactions in international ECommerce markets by the global expansion of the sales geography, as well as through the implementation of larger, technological and technically complex projects (project cost from 3 million rubles) in the Enterprise segment.


3. HR brand strengthening

Forming the image of an attractive employer, a team of professionals and experts in the development of IT products in the ECommerce field. Our task is to constantly improve the corporate culture, staff development program and employee motivation system. We shall pursue a socially active policy, ensure clear positioning of the Company that increases brand awareness and has a positive effect on the financial results of Simtech Development.


Simtech Development quality policy is based on the following principles:

1. Client-oriented approach

We are committed to meeting and staying ahead of ECommerce customers’ inquiries. The company guarantees high quality IT products and services for the creation and promotion of online stores and marketplaces (trading platforms with various goods and many vendors). Achieving the desired results and financial performance of clients is the priority of our employees.


2. Leadership (= strong position of the company’s management)

Simtech Development management is based on compliance with legal and other quality requirements applied to company activities in this field. As the leader in the quality improvement process, the top managers actively participate in the quality management system performance and enhancement, and take responsibility for the implementation of this policy. They ensure the unity of staff, their involvement in the problem solving and the personal contribution of each employee.


3. Human interaction (= taking care of the employees)

The company is guided by the principles of social responsibility: aims to unleash the professional and creative potential of the specialists, performs advanced training, effectively distributes the competences and facilitates communication within the team. The focus on employees encourages the high level of staff involvement in business processes, initiative, productivity improvement, increasing the organization’s resilience to crisis situations, creating a positive image, strong brand and business reputation of the company.


4. Process approach (= systematic approach in the company’s activities)

The company’s activity is considered as a system of related and interacting processes. They form a strategy for coordinated actions for task resolvement, goals achievement and delivery of the results. This in turn provides the company with financial and productive efficiency.


5. Improvements ( = seeking effective solutions)

The company quickly responds to the changes related to internal and external environments. We form the culture of business processes continuous improvement in the workplace, apply risk-based thinking, and multiply our knowledge and experience, which creates new opportunities for growth.


6. Evidence-based decision-making (balanced and meaningful actions)

The company management makes effective decisions aimed at business improvement. The improvements are based on the analysis of reliable facts and effective monitoring system that provides the feedback and takes into account the needs of all involved parties.


7. Relationship management (= mutually beneficial cooperation)

The company strives to form and develop partnerships, to be open to communication with clients, investors, employees and community. This contributes to the quality improvement of the products and services, increases brand awareness as well as becomes the basis for mutual success.

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