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NFT Marketplace Development

Start your own NFT marketplace, create and earn with our engaging solutions designed for selling digital assets from drawings to collectible sport cards. Quick launch and endless growing potential with an expert NFT marketplace development team.

NFT Marketplace Development Services 

Benefit from our global expertise to grow your online presence and customer reach with blockchain technologies.

NFT Marketplace Development

Develop your NFT marketplace based on a CMS of your choice and integrate tokenizers and crypto payments systems and other services. Save time and budget on developing your platform from scratch.

NFT Marketplace UI/UX Design 

Tailor your design to your niche and target audience. Stand out of your competitors with trendy, user-friendly and responsive solutions handy even to novice market users.

NFT Marketplace Performance Audit

Check your NFT marketplace health. We will examine code and server configurations and perform load testing to find issues affecting overall website performance.

NFT Marketplace Support 

Need expert technical support? Our team will help you improve and scale the project when it grows. Entrust your business to our team of developers, designers and DevOps engineers.

What is NFT Marketplace

An NFT marketplace website is a blockchain online trading platform that allows you to store, sell and buy non-fungible tokens. The functionality of such a service permits users to create their own NFTs. To do this, special smart contracts add metadata to each new asset and specify all the necessary parameters, including the name, inseparability and address in the blockchain. After that, NFTs can also be put up for auction or at a fixed price.

Recently, the list of supported cryptocurrencies has expanded significantly, but Ethereum remains the most popular. The list of wallets also differs from site to site, but almost all of them work with MetaMask and Trust Wallet.

Create a user-friendly NFT marketplace with a blockchain-based crypto wallet with us!

NFT Marketplace Features

Personal User Wallets
Storefront with NFT Tokens
Advanced Admin Panel
Personal NFT Collections
Search Options and Filters
Referral Systems
Community and Ratings
Bids and Auctions

NFT Marketplace Business Models

Commission Fee

A monetization model for vendors - they only pay a commission if and when they sell something

Listing Fee

A marketplace charges a seller for each item posted for sale, providing a target audience and guaranteeing views


A marketplace charges sellers for using the platform


Sellers pay for advertisements placed on the marketplace

Use Cases

NFTs provide secure transferring of in-game items like a valuable skin or avatar, as well as ownership rights.
NFTs give artists the ability to tokenize their works and list them on the market, which also reduces piracy.
Digital Collectibles
NFTs verify and register ownership for animated GIFs, sounds, memes, etc.
Tokenized tickets in the form of non-fungible tokens can solve the problem of fake sports collectibles and tickets.
Artists can trade their artwork (painting, pictures, photos) on NFT platforms without worrying about copyright issues or content theft.
Intellectual Property
Immutable NFTs are a great option to protect intellectual property (IP) and patents. Here also come awards and certificates.

Tech Stack and Standards for NFT Development

NFT works mainly on the Ethereum, Solana blockchains or other blockchain networks. They are created by the ERC-721, ERC-1155, ERC 998, and EIP-2309 standards. We as NFT developers develop high-end NFT marketplaces based on CS-Cart Multi-Vendor. With this platform, we reduce go-to-market time and save money on development from scratch.

Blockchain Network


Smart Contracts


Front-end Frameworks

React Logo


The Graph

CS‑Cart software supports digital products, has in‑built product moderation features, can be easily extended with auction functions and integrated with crypto wallets, token protocols and smart contracts functionality. This makes CS‑Cart Multi‑Vendor a perfect choice for NFT marketplace development. 

Looking for individual solutions?

We will develop your website from scratch using popular frameworks and cutting-edge technologies including headless development and Laravel development. Duration of development depends on choice of platform and list of services you are going to integrate. Design is also very important in the NFT industry. We in Simtech Development can launch an NFT marketplace in 100 days!

NFT Marketplace Development Process 

Discuss project requirements and choose technological stack
Develop, make integrations, test
Add auction features and smart contracts functionality
Integrate with token protocol and blockchain
Train staff
Technical support

Why choose us for NFT marketplace development

Entrust your project to a professional eCommerce development company:
years of experience in creating marketplace ecommerce platforms
days bug-free warranty period
happy clients
full time marketplace developers
successful marketplaces

Integrated support of your eCommerce business needs

End-to-end concept from analysis and design to the development and maintenance of infrastructure for eCommerce.

Data-driven approach

Choice of solutions and tools is based on our profound knowledge of eCommerce market players needs both for startups and enterprises.

Blockchain expertise

We know how to implement the advanced blockchain technologies in your local realities.
Stay ahead of your competitors with us!

Reviews and Testimonials

Success Stories

Our experts strive to provide first-rate services considering industry trends, best practices and business needs of our clients. Check out some of the cases of our happy customers.

Integrated Coinpayment crypto gateway, improved design for better user experience and made custom hosting solution for high website uptime.

Developed custom plugin to import products from popular marketplaces, connected Coinpayment crypto gateway and made design changes to seller storefront and product listing.


More business insights, hints & tips about NFT marketplaces in our blog.
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FAQs about NFT Marketplaces

NFT is also referred to as a non-fungible token. It is attached to various kinds of electronic objects (drawings, animated GIFs, sounds, memes, photos, game elements, etc.) and acts as a digital asset authenticity certificate. This "certificate" consists of small pieces of code - blocks, and therefore is part of the blockchain. NFTs are single and distinct in contrast to cryptocurrencies, which are fungible or interchangeable.

Blockchain technology revolutionized numerous industries and enterprises. According to Galaxy Research (In-depth Crypto and Blockchain Analysis) the growing ecosystem of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) issued on the Bitcoin blockchain will be valued at $4.5 billion by 2025. Just look at the rapid growth of OpenSea, SuperRare or NBA Top Shot. If you have ever thought about starting your own NFT store, now is the right time to do it.

NFT marketplaces and NFT applications are popular thanks to their tradability, versatility, transparency, and security.

NFTs are legal. But there could be local regulations that you should follow when buying or selling NFTs. Also, buying and selling digital assets that represent illegal content can be prosecuted.

As with the usual marketplace, first you choose an NFT marketplace development company and decide on an eCommerce platform suitable for selling NFT or make a decision to develop it from scratch. Then you have to make architecture design, decide on a list of services and systems for future integration and prepare storefront mockups for UI/UX design. After that you start development and testing phases. We recommend to choose an NFT marketplace development company who provides end-to-end solutions, this will help you save time and budget and reduce time-to-market.

CS-Cart software supports digital products, has a wide range of in-built product moderation features, can be easily extended with auction functions and integrated with crypto currencies, token protocols and smart contracts functionality. This makes CS-Cart Multi-Vendor a perfect choice for starting and growing your NFT marketplace.

Duration of development depends on choice of platform and list of services you are going to integrate. Design is also very important in the NFT industry. Try our NFT development services and launch an NFT marketplace in 100 days!

  • Build a strong online presence. Create a professional website that showcases the features, benefits, and unique selling points of your NFT marketplace. 
  • Optimize your NFT marketplace app for search engines to improve visibility and consider using paid advertisements to drive traffic.
  • Social media marketing. Leverage popular social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn to engage with your target audience. Share compelling content, news about featured artists or collections, and updates about upcoming auctions or exclusive drops. 
  • Collaborate with influencers and artists. Partner with influential individuals and artists who have a significant following and influence in the NFT space. Collaborations can involve creating exclusive collections, hosting joint events or auctions, or featuring their work prominently on your marketplace. 
  • Engage with online communities. Participate actively in online forums, discussion boards, and social media groups dedicated to NFTs and blockchain technology. Provide valuable insights, answer questions, and share relevant information about your marketplace. 
  • Explore partnerships and sponsorships. Collaborate with other platforms, events, or organizations within the NFT space to cross-promote each other's offerings. Sponsor NFT-related events, conferences, or art exhibitions to increase brand visibility and establish credibility within the industry.
  • Content marketing: Produce high-quality content such as blog posts, articles, videos, and podcasts related to NFTs, digital art, and blockchain technology. Share educational content, artist interviews, market trends, and success stories.