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eCommerce Development Services

We create digital sales channels for corporations, financial and trading companies, manufacturing enterprises and local businesses with a focus on launching and modifying high-load online stores and marketplaces.

Custom Development

We help unique businesses grow faster and win competition by implementing new features and functions required by specific industry and business models.

Architecture design

We turn your business ideas into a detailed Requirements Specification for development to get a clear idea of your future store or marketplace.

System integration

We automate eCommerce business by integrating any CRM, EPR, payment gateway, shipping service, and other 3rd-party systems and services.

UI/UX design

Impress your visitors and improve customer experience following the latest web design trends. From home page to checkout.

Cloud Hosting

We speed up your project performance thanks to hosting solutions designed for eCommerce and implementation of DevOps practices.

Other services

Amplify your business with our end-to-end solutions from expert technical support to website promotion with SEO.

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eCommerce Solutions


Marketplace Development 

We help choose the technological stack for your business for design and development of scalable marketplaces. From proof of concept  and design development  to cutting-edge custom features.


eCommerce Store Development

Looking for a reliable IT-partner for eCommerce development? Quick launch of MVP for first sales and custom development for big projects.


B2B Portal Development

Build an ecosystem with dealers and corporate clients to automate business routines, save resources, and increase partners loyalty.


Mobile Development

We develop mobile apps, websites with responsive design and PWA applications. Let your customers buy any time anywhere.


Case studies


Car marketplace with simplified onboarding

Custom Development


UI/UX Design

Simplified the onboarding and registration process for new car sellers and speeded up the checkout process.

CS-Cart Ultimate PHP jQuery JavaScript Smarty 3

Infrastructure & DevOps

We will take over the management of your infrastructure in accordance with the Service Level Agreement. No more server worries! You leverage your business, we ensure your website availability and fault tolerance.  



Performance Audit



Tech Stack

We develop eCommerce solutions using popular frameworks and cutting-edge technologies including headless development, Laravel development and PWA for mobile app development. Duration of eCommerce development depends on choice of platform, list of services you are going to integrate and complexity of website design.

  • CS‑Cart

  • Multi-Vendor

  • Sharetribe

  • Yo!Kart

  • Magento

  • Spree

  • Shuup

  • Acardier

  • Shopify Plus


CS-Cart Services

Unlock the full potential of CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor eCommerce platforms with official reseller and Gold Partner. From CMS setup and design to development of new features and technical support to enhance marketability of your online store.

Engagement models

We offer a flexible choice of engagement models based on specifics of your project. 


Time and Material

An engagement model where a dedicated team of specialists is assigned to your project. The tasks and priorities are determined and changed iteratively. Ideal for hypothesis testing, MVP launch and redesign of current projects.


Fixed Price

A cooperation model where you are quoted a price for the scope of work calculated and fixed in the specification. Any changes in tasks are calculated in individual specifications. Ideal fit for projects with a limited budget and tight deadlines.



Hire specific IT professionals, such as web developers, QA specialists, system analysts, UI/UX designers or DevOps experts to strengthen your own development team.

Price quote. What matters?

Every project is unique and is quoted on an individual basis. Development from scratch or replatforming, integration of 3rd party systems and services, customizations, and UI/UX design are all factors to consider. Book a free consultation with us to get a rough estimate of your business idea.


Choice of platform (out-of-the-box/development from scratch)


Send us a request to get a free quote for eCommerce development

Why choose our eCommerce Development Company


Business areas of our clients are different, as well as their tasks. Launch an online business from scratch, scale a project to meet growing needs, automate routine processes, organize omnichannel sales so that customers can easily move from offline to online, or test a business hypothesis to enter new markets – we successfully solve any of these tasks and help businesses stay one step ahead of the competition.

Alibek Salamatov, CEO at Simtech Development


successful eCommerce projects




in-house developers and experts

Benefits of working with us


Integrated support

End-to-end concept from analysis and design to the development and maintenance of infrastructure for eCommerce.


Data-driven approach

Choice of solutions and tools is based on our profound knowledge of eCommerce market players needs.


Global experience

We know how to implement the advanced eCommerce technologies in your local realities. Stay ahead of your competitors with us!


Simtech Development is always fast and in time. They solved every problem without an extra-budget.

Features and design were very important for us when we were choosing the platform. In Multi-Vendor, the admin-panel is easy to use, you can change the look and feel without coding, you can change many, many things from the admin panel such as the design or the commission rates and so on. And the price: the cost-value ratio is fantastic. So, at the end I would chose it again


Gunther Windler

CEO Kayamo

How We Work


Discovery phase

Collect project information: ideas, goals, market analysis, and tech stack for existing projects


Architecture design

Define requirements and features of the project and make a detailed project specification


UX concept

UI/UX specialists work on the project look and feel for trendy design and better user experience



Backend and frontend developers start development based on technical specification and road map


Testing and QA

QA tests the developed functionality and ensures the interface is intuitive and user-friendly


Deployment & Support

After deployment, we can support you in infrastructure management and project development


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Depending on the complexity of your project, used ecommerce platforms, scope of eCommerce website design and chosen engagement model, price for app development may vary. Basic web projects start from $15K. Leave your request to get a free quote from our eCommerce development agency.

We are a full-stack eCommerce development company. We can launch MVP of your store or marketplace in 100 days, projects with unique UI/UX design and complex integration usually take from 3 to 6 months. Each new integration, for example marketing tools for digital marketing will increase development time correspondingly.

We are committed to product approach in software development with focus not only on technical specifications, but on the needs of the web store owner and their future customers. The product approach involves constantly checking the online store “in battle”. We release a new feature, collect feedback, fix bugs if any and move on to next tasks using agile methodology.

We infuse security into each phase of eCommerce software development life cycle from using managed dev servers with enhanced security solutions to host websites during software development to implementing CI/CD practices for deployment of new features and security audits of your top ecommerce website.

Quality assurance is the number one priority of our web developers. We perform manual and automated testing of each new functionality on your website and its interaction with the whole system before we release eCommerce software. Another check in development services is code review. It is compulsory checking of all written code for security and compliance with the established standards of Simtech Development and commerce industry. Contact our team to learn more about our QA and testing services.

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