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Dedicated Development Team

Hire a dedicated developers team with profound knowledge of eCommerce to speed up the release of your projects. Benefit from flexibility and transparency coupled with global expertise in software development.

What is a Dedicated Development Team?

Dedicated Development Team is a turnkey team of highly qualified analysts, web and mobile developers and testers that is assigned to your project within a Time & Material engagement model. The T&M model offers flexibility and transparency because tasks and priorities are determined and changed iteratively. 

The project team is put together individually before the start of work for each project. A typical team includes a project manager, system analyst, software developers, and testers.

The team lineup depends on:

1Availability of Technical Specifications

Scope and complexity of software development tasks


Design requirements


Release date

5Monthly budget

Roles and Responsibilities in the Team


Backend and Frontend and Full Stack Developers

Develop software functionality within the framework of the sprint tasks, perform code reviews and advise on technical issues on the project.
All developers in Simtech Development have experience in eCommerce and use the best practices for developing online stores, this will save you time on choosing the optimal technical solutions.


QA Specialist and Testers

Check all modifications to understand how changes in functionality or new features may affect the whole project. Write and update test cases from the moment of development and throughout the development of the project.
Having a QA specialist on the team guarantees that your project works exactly as planned.


Project Manager

Coordinates tasks of each member of the dedicated team from the requirement gathering stage to the release of the functionality and demonstration of the result to the customer.
Having a PM on the contractor’s side always gives our clients more confidence that a subject-matter expert with IT and eCommerce experience will make the software development predictable. Without a Project Manager on the team, all this work and responsibility would fall on the shoulders of the customer’s employee.


System Analyst

Analyzes the requirements and determines what the technical solution will be. Describes the implementation in tasks within the sprint, and offers the best industry practices based on the company’s international experience.
Analysts know the functionality of the entire project; when describing the implementation, they consider new features and previous changes preventing potential conflicts.

Other project roles

Your dedicated team might also include other project roles depending on business needs and your budget:


UI/UX designer

When Do You Need Dedicated Developers?

Try the Time & Material model with a dedicated team of developers when you face one of these challenges:

Startups/Hypothesis testing

You’ve got an idea but there is no clear understanding of the entire project.

MVP launch

You want to start with a minimum viable project and develop it further based on feedback from customers. 

Projects with complex architecture

You don’t want to waste time on writing comprehensive technical requirements at the start.

Redesign and development of an existing project

You need a dedicated team familiar with your project to add new features on a regular basis.

Support for projects with a constant flow of tasks

You released your project and need a dedicated team to improve the website’s performance.

Critical Improvements

When you face security issues, local reguations and complex intergations.

When a Dedicated Development Team is a Must?

Change platform

Change of technological platform

Project rescue

Project rescue after previous contactors

Rapid implementation

Rapid implementation of new functionality

Successful release

Successful release of “project on fire”

Dedicated Development Team Services


eCommerce Store Development

Looking for a reliable IT-partner for eCommerce development? Quick launch of MVP for first sales and custom development for big projects.

Benefits of a Dedicated Developers


Control of budget

Pay only for the hours worked and get a detailed account of spent time.


Diversity in tech stack and talent pool

Determine the minimum functionality for the release and save time on hypothesis testing.


Quick start

No wasted time developing detailed Technical Specifications in advance.



Enjoy transparency, set goals and get first results much faster than with the fixed-price model.


Flexibility in development

Determine the minimum functionality for the release and save time on hypothesis testing.


Direct communication

Directly address your dedicated team via chats and task trackers to set priorities.


Dedicated Project Manager

Hand over the control of the entire software development process and meet the deadlines and budget.


Individual project pace

Move faster or slower by scaling up dedicated team depending on the project phase and available budget.

4 Steps to Hire a Dedicated Development Team 


Send us a request with your business idea/task.


Complete a project brief to understand the scope of work and required project roles


Sign off and begin working without writing detailed specifications in advance.


Scale your team exactly when you need it.

How Does it Work?

We use the most popular Agile implementation method - Scrum. Development follows a short cycle, which is repeated during each iteration:


Discovery phase

Collect project information: ideas, goals, market analysis, and tech stack for existing projects


Architecture design

Define requirements and features of the project and make a detailed project specification


UX concept

UI/UX specialists work on the project look and feel for trendy design and better user experience



Backend and frontend developers start development based on technical specification and road map


Testing and QA

QA tests the developed functionality and ensures the interface is intuitive and user-friendly


Deployment & Support

After deployment, we can support you in infrastructure management and project development

Tech Stack

We develop eCommerce solutions using popular frameworks and cutting-edge technologies including headless development, Laravel development and PWA for mobile app development. Duration of eCommerce development depends on choice of platform, list of services you are going to integrate and complexity of website design.

  • PHP

  • Laravel

  • Node.js

  • Python

  • Java

  • C

  • C++

  • C#

  • Ruby

  • Ruby on Rails

Why Hire Dedicated Developers from us?



We have been developing custom solutions based on the best practices of the global eCommerce market since 2005.


Wide technology stack

We develop e-commerce solutions using popular frameworks and technologies, including headless development, Laravel development, blockchain and PWA for mobile application development.


End-to-End Solutions

We commit to the one-stop principle from analysis, design and product development to infrastructure setup and maintenance.



We quickly gather and scale development teams according to the requirements of the project.


Quick launch

We help launch MVPs to quickly test business hypotheses and develop projects based on the customer’s feedback.

Key Industries We Serve 

We will find dedicated developers and other specialists in your area with relevant knowledge, grade and proven experience. 














Health & Beauty












Need more information about our dedicated web development teams?

Other Engagement Models

We offer a flexible choice of engagement models for software app development based on the specifics of your project. Contact our team to learn more about our development process and advantages of each engagement model. 


Fixed Price

A cooperation model where you are quoted a price for the scope of work calculated and fixed in the specification. Any changes in tasks are calculated in the individual specifications. Ideal fit for projects with a limited budget and tight deadlines



Hire specific IT professionals, such as web developers, QA specialists, System analysts, UI/UX designers or DevOps experts to strengthen your own development team.

Case Studies


Jewelry marketplace with custom design

Custom Development


UI/UX Design

Improved the look-n-feel, performance and ratings on SERPs of a custom online store.

CS-Cart Ultimate PHP jQuery JavaScript Smarty 3

Blog Posts

Find more insights about our development process and expertise in eCommerce in our blog.

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The development process and the use of resources become as transparent and controllable as possible. You will be able to set goals and get results much faster than with the fixed price model. You can move faster or slower by increasing or reducing the development team.

You can track progress through weekly reports and intermediate demonstrations. You will also get access to the team chat and get an answer to your questions much faster.

No, you will have a Project Manager on your team who will coordinate the work of each member of the dedicated team from the stage of collecting requirements to the release of functionality and demonstration of the result to the customer. All roles are essential, so if you decide to ramp the team down and cut costs on one of the roles, someone from your team must pick up that scope of work and be a part of the team on your side.

A dedicated team is generally much faster to put together than an in-house team. We recommend choosing a dedicated development team when you need a quick start and expertise in the eCommerce industry. A Dedicated Development Team is a perfect substitute for an in-house IT team because you don’t need to hire, onboard and train new expensive team members with expertise in your specific business area. Instead, you get a ready end-to-end solution. Inject fresh brains into the work right now!

We provide Dedicated Development Services as your IT partner, this means we will dive deep into your project at the start and support it after release. We work only with our own resources including web and mobile developers, UI/UX designers, QA specialists, hosting and DevOps experts. Our expertise is proven by 5000+ released projects since 2005.

You can address your PM or Account Manager. We will carefully examine the bottlenecks and suggest the best solution. If you’re not satisfied with specific roles, you can request a replacement of developer or expert.

We offer a flexible choice of engagement models for web and mobile development including Fixed Price and Outstaffing. Find the main advantages and risks of different engagement models in our blog post Fixed Price Vs. Time & Material. Which Engagement Model To Choose?

The cost of a dedicated outsourcing team depends on the exact number of team members and their grades, as well as the overall number of hours spent on the projects. Contact us to get more information about pricing for a dedicated development team.

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