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Do you really need a Dedicated Developer for Your eCommerce Project?

Dedicated Developer Service

Sometimes, development is not a straightforward process, and tasks may arise while the development progresses. In this article, we examine what the dedicated developer service is, who will benefit from it, and how it is different from other approaches. 

How does Dedicated Developer Service (DDS) work?

A technical expert from SimtechDev works on tasks according to an agreed schedule and is available on Skype or in another agreed messenger (Telegram, WhatsApp, Slack), so you can discuss requirements and monitor the execution of tasks in real time.

During the work on the project, the developer regularly fills out the worklog and indicates what tasks he or she worked on and what was done. Regular reports on completed work are sent via HelpDesk. As a standard, such reports are generated once a week.

What is the difference between Technical Specification and Dedicated Developer

1. Task specification (TS)

The workflow here is the following:

  • You request a customization
  • We ask additional questions/clarify requirements
  • You provide clarification
  • We give you a rough estimate
  • You confirm it
  • We prepare a detailed task specification with a list of all works to be done, exact cost and timeline
  • You confirm it or add corrections 
  • We start working in the agreed time and work on a test copy of the site 
  • We demonstrate the completed work
  • You test the complete work on our test copy
  • We move the changes to your live website.

The advantages of this approach is that you know the exact cost and the scope of work at the start of each task.

2. Dedicated developer service (DDS)

You purchase a certain number of dedicated hours and choose a way of using them (list of requirements and changes, suitable time, number of hours per day and etc.). For example, 20 hours per month.

  • Within these hours our specialists will be available on Skype chat/email/HelpDesk in the arranged time and you can request any modification (or/and another kind of requests, like support assistance).
  • After a short discussion of the request, our specialist will provide an approximate number of hours for the request implementation.
  • After confirmation of the details, a developer starts implementing them instantly.
  • At the end of the day (week) we will provide the details of what was done.

We can plan 1-2 hours per day/ week within which you will discuss the issues and requirements with our expert. And another part of work time the developers can work on them on the agreed plan without your involvement.

Save time and budget with our Dedicated Development Team

Specification vs Dedicated Development

Detailed technical descriptionNo detailed technical description
Requirements described in the specification cannot change when the job has already began Approximate estimate, which may change in the course of work and discussion
Accurate estimateApproximate terms that may change in the course of work and discussion
The exact terms for the development of the specified modification (not the project as a whole) of the form “We will start work on the modification within X working days after payment, work on the modification will take X working days”Requirements may change during development
You don’t have access to developers, the developers are not allocated to the project, communication is carried out through the managerYou communicate with developers through a task manager or in Skype /another messenger
The task falls into the general schedule of the development team, control over the timing of the project as a whole lies with the client. Acceleration is only possible in Hot Rush mode for double payment.You receive a daily and weekly report on the hours spent for the relevant period
Developers are assigned to the project and work on it according to the agreed schedule
If you don’t submit tasks for a certain day, then the hours that should have been spent by the developer on that day are considered spent and are deducted from your account.

Who benefits from Dedicated Developer

  1. A long-term complex project where development and support must be provided by people who are familiar with the system
  2. A project with no clearly defined tasks where changes in requirements may occur throughout the development process
  3. Agencies that have a steady flow of projects and need a reliable development partner

Dedicated Development is not your case if

  1. The deadline for the start of the task/project is very tight. Dedicated Developer Service does not reduce development time, it is about quality and flexibility. If you want to speed up the task execution, ask for a hot rush service.
  2. There is no clear task description,  tasks are not enough to create a backlog for 2 weeks in advance. Dedicated Developer Service assumes a fixed work schedule by two-week sprints.
  3. Your main driver is to save on the development of a large task. Dedicated Developer Service requires more expertise. Saving is obtained on a complex project, but not on a separate task.
  4. You need a ‘spot’ service (a specific task, for example, integration of a payment system or a delivery method). This is pure custom development with a specification.
  5. Design creation and Google Analytics reports.

The Dedicated Developer service is more flexible than specification work, but requires a constant workload for the developer. The service is more profitable on large projects in the long run. If you have specific deadlines for launching the project, then it is better to work according to the specification before the launch (terms and requirements will be fixed), and ask for support via the Dedicated Developer Service after the release.