CS-Cart Services

Unlock your full business potential with a CS‑Cart Gold Partner. We provide scalable end-to-end eCommerce solutions for CS‑Cart and Multi‑Vendor projects, you generate sales and increase brand loyalty.
CS-Cart Gold Partner
CS-Cart Services
CS‑Cart and Simtech Development have been cooperating since the launch of CMS in 2005, and I can say with confidence that this partnership is based on the desire to find the best solutions for our customers. For me, Simtech Development is about reliability, continuous development and care for those who build an online business.
Ely Makarov, CS-Cart CEO

What is CS‑Cart

CS‑Cart and Multi‑Vendor are among the most feature-packed open-source shopping carts powering online stores and marketplaces worldwide. CS‑Cart provides software solutions regardless of the business model -  B2B, B2C, B2B/B2C and B2G. Fully customizable, the platform is a perfect choice for those who dream big and want to stay ahead of competitors.

Key CS-Cart Features

Quick MVP launch 

Build your store or marketplace in 100 days with our feature-rich, mobile friendly, and engaging eCommerce solutions.

Wide variety of built-in functions

Pre-integrated most popular payment systems and shipping methods, the ability to see sales analytics and start marketing campaigns.

Flexible configuration

The platform is easy to expand due to the modular system — we will be able  to add functionality without interrupting the website operation.

Easy to go global

Thanks to multiple storefronts feature, the existing site can be easily scaled to other markets by creating new storefronts.

Mobile commerce ready 

CS‑Cart is designed with focus on mobile users. Your website will be responsive on any device.

Optimized performance

Managed hosting solutions tailored for CS‑Cart make this CMS fault-tolerant, extra secure and ready for high loads.


Since 2005 we have created cross-platform applications, conducted UX/UI audits of online stores, and provided seamless systems and services integration for successful automation of our customers’ businesses on CS‑Cart and Multi‑Vendor. Now you can benefit from our global expertise to grow your online presence and customer reach. Whether you start an MVP or expand globally, Simtech Development has the right solution.

Buy and Setup

Buy and Setup
Simtech Development is a CS‑Cart Official Reseller, which means you get an attractive price for the CS‑Cart licenses if you buy from us. Plus, you can benefit from a discount on our custom services and infrastructure works.
Save time and resources on the initial setup of default CS‑Cart software and start selling faster. Our experts will configure standard CS‑Cart functionality (menu, promotions, delivery methods, etc.) and create training materials for your employees.
New CS‑Cart version can boost performance of your online store with top-notch features, technologies and tools. But if your store is significantly customized, entrust the upgrade to our team to avoid possible conflicts and malfunction of software. 
We will safely transfer data from your CMS or custom platform to CS‑Cart without business interruption and loss of sales data and ranking in search engines.

Develop and Customize

Develop and Customize
Based on your business goals and market analysis, we will suggest the optimal technological stack and tools for your project. Build your store in 100 days with the Simtech Development team! 
According to statistics, 78% of CS‑Cart owners have used custom development services. We’ll turn your business ideas into reality with endless CS‑Cart customization capabilities from adding new features to system integration of your favorite third-party CRM, payment or shipping method.
Off the shelf CS‑Cart addons and design themes do not have the features you need? We will make changes to CS‑Cart plugins and extend them to suit your specific business requirements.
Looking for a contractor to create custom design for the entire website from the homepage to the checkout? Our UX/UI designers and frontend developers know how to increase conversion of your store.

Why choose Simtech Development for CS‑Cart services  

Recommended CS‑Cart Developer

Our developers are certified by strict CS‑Cart standards, Simtech Development is included into a list of recommended CS‑Cart developers.

Data-driven approach

Choice of solutions and tools is based on our profound knowledge of eCommerce market players needs both for startups and enterprises.

Safe and secure results

We develop modifications of online stores and multivendors as addons, they do not regress your website availability, performance and security.

Fresh technological stack 

Besides the traditional set of technologies we use Laravel development and headless development for modifications where the backend is separated from the frontend. 

Why choose Simtech Development for CS-Cart services

Project Phases

Discuss project requirements
Discuss project requirements
CS-Cart Services
CS-Cart Services
Choose technological stack
Choose technological stack
CS-Cart Services
Develop, make integrations, test
Develop, make integrations, test
CS-Cart Services
CS-Cart Services
Design functions and features
Design functions and features
CS-Cart Services
Train staff
Train staff
CS-Cart Services
CS-Cart Services
Get technical support
Technical support

Reviews and Testimonials

Success Stories from Our Customers

Our experts strive to provide first-rate services considering all the requirements and business needs of our clients. Check out some of the cases of our happy clients.


More business insights, hints & tips about CS‑Cart and Multi‑Vendor projects in our blog. 
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CS-Cart Frequently Asked Questions

If you already have an EPR we can integrate it with CS‑cart to manage orders both from your offline and online stores. If you don’t have an EPR we will advise you on optimal options based on our global experience.

CS‑Cart requires two main components: PHP version 5.6 or 7 and Smarty templating engine, and MySQL version 4.1 or higher with support for the MySQL or pdo_mysql extension. Frontend requires JavaScript and the jQuery library for JavaScript, as well as HTML and CSS&LESS. CS Cart supports up to 200,000 products out of the box, there is a highload solution (it allows you to increase the load to 1-2 million SKUs).

Default CS‑Cart software has in-built integration with most popular marketing tools. In case your favorite marketing service is not on the list we will suggest system integration services to synchronize it with CS‑Cart.

Yes, CS‑Cart has a multi-level system of access to the admin panel, which can be configured for each administrator of your company. You can set information access settings for each employee individually. We can also develop custom rules according to your security policy.

Yes, our infrastructure department has designed high-performance VPS and cloud hosting solutions for CS‑Cart and Multi‑Vendor. Fully managed, secure and stable hosting with 24/7 performance monitoring and 15-minute response time by SLA is a perfect choice for those who do not want to dive deep into hosting complexities.

CS‑Cart works with all major web browsers, including Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer. If you face any performance issues, we will suggest a performance audit to identify possible bottlenecks and eliminate them.