The Complete Guide to eCommerce Development 2023

Setting up an online
CS-Cart Store

Lack of resources and time to learn the functionality
of the CS-Cart platform and finish setup? Get the service for setting up standard functions of online stores from a CS-Cart gold partner!
Cs‑Cart Gold Partner

Decided to buy a CS-Cart license
to open an online store?

You made the right choice. CS-Cart is 2nd best platform in Russia and CIS among all CMS for online stores. The platform’s 500+ built-in features allow for setting up business processes with no need to code. Although, you need time to learn the rich functionality of CS-Cart. That is why we provide the service of the professional setup of an online CS-Cart Store.

Why use the service
on the CS-Cart setup?

You save time
on learning the functionality.

You save resources on the initial setup
of CS-Cart.

You speed up the launch process of the store MVP.

You start selling
and earning faster.

What does the service include?

Setup of standard CS-Cart functionality (menu, promotions, delivery methods, etc.)
Filling up the store with the content you provide (items catalog, content pages)
Installing third-party modules and themes on the website, using archives provided by you
Creating video instruction on functionality setup for your employees
Consulting on standard functionality in a convenient way for you: verbally or in writing. We can arrange a video demonstration with a step-by-step guide on a particular setting.

You’ll get the consultant, who will perform the setup and teach your employees how to do it independently. The service is provided in 10 hours packages and is valid for 1 month from the start date. The service does not include content creation and SEO optimization.


An advantage of this service: during the setup process, our specialist will promptly inform you about the need for additional functionality that is not included in the platform by default. According to your decision, a request for its revision can be immediately put into operation.

How do we work?

Identify what functionality the store should have to meet the objectives of your business

You can prepare the list of objectives yourself or together with our consultant. We can suggest where to start and what to set up first.

Approve the schedule of the service provision

Here we tend to consider your needs. For example, it could be two hours weekly from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Provide the report on the work completed and time spent regularly.

During the work process, our technical support specialist records the amount of time spent on every task and provides you with a weekly report.

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