Infrastructure-Related Features: Hosting, Servers, and Security​​

High performance eCommerce Cloud and VPS Hosting, Server Management and Performance Optimization. Fully managed, secure and stable.

Our services according to Hosting, Servers, Infrastructure, and Security
Website Speed-Oriented Architecture

All servers have dedicated resources. We use specially tweaked technologies to provide the best eCommerce experience like Nginx, PHP, MariaDB (MySQL), Redis, Elasticsearch. CPU-optimized servers make your website load faster. We provide resource isolation for security, scalability for performance, and high availability to make your customers happy.

High Security Network

Most active and passive vulnerability and threat detection and protection techniques (includes virus scanning) are designed to stop hacker attacks and malicious intent. Continuous uptime monitoring, DDoS attack detection, software-based restrictions, high-quality SSL, and software-hardware firewalls. Your website is monitored and secured 24/7.

Modern Infrastructure and Enterprise-Level Development Aapproach

We use and provide only the best and modern technology stack: from our servers' hardware to the software we run. Always up-to-date. No matter what you develop, we'll always provide you with the latest server software versions installed and tweaked for you, backward compatible with your application.

Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud and Yandex.Cloud Platforms

Our services are powered by Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Yandex.Cloud. Each component and service is interconnected with high availability networks, monitored, and designed to minimize the distance to your customers. All this results in fast and secure data transport between servers, you, and your customers.

Free Project Migrations to Our Hosting Without Downtime

Moving your website or the whole project infrastructure will never incur downtime for your customers. Our experts take care of everything for you and are ready to complete migration at any time of day or night.

Regular Uptime Checks (Every Minute in Fact)

We check the status of all websites we host every minute. That means 1,440 checks for each of your website every day. Our monitoring system allows us to react to issues before they affect lots of visitors. And to be proactive in our support efforts.

Hack Fix Guarantee

We never wait for hacks to happen. We keep our server software up-to-date and continuously monitor all information security events and network side actions including website traffic. Suspicious activity is investigated and dealt with immediately.

If your website is hacked, we guarantee that we'll fix it for you with the highest priority. Our expert team has years upon years of experience dealing with all sorts of CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor security issues. We will restore your site to a secure state and help you prevent the same situation in the future.


High-Performance Cloud Hosting solution

Cloud Hosting for CS⁠-⁠Cart and Multi⁠-⁠Vendor​ High performance eEcommerce hosting for your CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor shop to ensure reliability of your business. Fully managed and