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Website Load Testing

Identify the maximum performance of your project to keep the store available even at peak times. We will provide a detailed report and recommendations on how to eliminate the bottlenecks.
Dedicated Account Manager

What is eCommerce website load testing

Store disruptions can lead to financial losses and customer churn. Load testing allows to test the operation of your eCommerce project at peak loads, simulating the simultaneous presence of thousands of users on the site. Testing includes checking performance, stability, scalability and shows the system's resilience to failures.

When you need Web Load Testing

Launching an online store with a large number of users

Analysing the maximum load that your online store can withstand

Preparing website for sales growth and expansion to new markets

Implementing new services and systems in online store or marketplace

How we perform site load testing

What do you get as a result

Details of the maximum system performance

Performance monitoring results

Recommendations for optimizing system performance

List of misconfigurations and optimization options


Load testing is a controlled test of infrastructure for system fault tolerance with a multiple increase in load. And standard testing is used for comparability between the program’s actual and expected behavior, for example, the successful authorization process or a purchase in the store.

Our clients, before testing, need to whitelist our IP address and allocate some time with the minimum workload in the store in order to avoid disruptions.

You are planning your first big marketing campaign/sale after your store launch or update. Without understanding the request limit that your project can handle, you risk getting an unavailable store in the midst of a promotion.

Primarily, the initial project data affects server configuration. Whether you’re looking to expand your outreach, enter new markets, or launch new services, make sure your new server can handle the increasing load.

If you had an incident, we can help you understand the reason why the infrastructure could not cope with the increase in traffic. Using our recommendations for optimizing the server that we provide after testing for optimizing the server will help you to avoid repeated downtime and financial losses.

To resolve the issue low system fault tolerance, we suggest implementing a caching system, increasing capacity of the server, or better conducting a comprehensive audit of performance.

We are a full-stack team of certified SysOps Administrators, SRE and DevOps engineers providing business solutions for your eCommerce websites. Our staff includes info security experts who monitor all your projects and protect them from hacker attacks. PHP developers are also with us! With this team of experienced web professionals by your hand, your business strategic development becomes an easy task.

Order Load Testing right now

to find out the maximum load of your online store or marketplace, reduce risks when developing the site functionality and integrating new systems, as well as to confidently launch advertising campaigns with heavy traffic and not worry about system failures.

Our clients

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Matt Marchetta
Matt, Australia
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Our project manager was friendly and very helpful!
Whilst sourcing a web developer, I wanted to make sure I would be working with someone who had proven expertise in CS-Cart. Simtech Development was an obvious choice, and I've since been working with them successfully for the past 2 years. Unlike many other agencies I've outsourced to, Simtech understands the importance of transparency and management workflow, offering a higher standard of quality assurance and a friendly, responsive team.
Diego Stephens
Diego, Chile
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They have exceeded all stakeholders expectation
In my experience with outsourcing companies, Simtech is by far the most professional and structured. The coding and project management provided by Simtech Development have exceeded all stakeholder expectations, helping them to adapt an out of the box product to completely fit their needs. Their team works hard to hit all deadlines and communicate openly about their progress.
Kathryn Dwyer
Kathryn DwyerFounder,
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Absolutely different approach
Normally when we work with developers I have gotten a sense they are not interested or invested in making a project truly succeed. It seems like there's an attitude of paying to get the bare minimum done, but with Simtech it's been COMPLETELY the opposite. You can tell they are really willing to put the work in.
Yamir Palmo
Yamir, Faly Music
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Their knowledge about our e-commerce solution was very impressive
The only integration that 100% worked and reached our expectations of security was Simtech Development’s one. This development was one of the best decisions that we made, the sales increased by 150% in one month alone! In the next 3 months, we sold almost 80% of what we sold for the last year!
Kathy Potter
Kathy PotterHotze Vitamins, United States
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Easy and pleasant!
These guys are very easy to work with and able to work with minimal specifications producing exactly what you need. Every interaction was professional, easy and pleasant! I'm impressed with everything they have done so far and the end result was an extremely excellent product and I would use them again in a heartbeat!
Davron Christian
Davron ChristianCEO of Northskull
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It was a pleasure working with Simtech Development
We opted for the dedicated service as this allowed us to work closely with the programmers and as a result our large and complex project was completed in good time and to a high standard.
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