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Development process

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Development workflow

No matter the size of the project, every client’s request undergoes the following stages from the beginning “idea” period to the Warranty period

  • 01


  • 02

    Gathering requirements

  • 03

    Analysis & planning

  • 04


  • 05

    QA & Code review​

  • 06

    Demonstration & installation

  • 07

    100-day Warranty​

How it works



If you have an idea you’d like to realize, or you have an issue you need help with, just send us a request for a free quote. We will help you see how simple the eCommerce website integration process can be. For a more precise estimate, please include business goal, examples of similar executions on other sites, examples with real products, step-by-step functionality, and screenshots in the description. A brief is available for large projects. Download it. For the purpose of protecting unique and confidential ideas we have created the NDA, which we can sign if needed.


Gathering requirements

The manager clarifies all the details, wishes and requirements for your project. If we are talking about an already existing CS-Cart store, please be ready to give us access to your server. We will examine the store backend, its settings, and already implemented customizations that can affect the new modification. SSH access is preferable, as it allows the instant sharing of information. With this type of access, we can create a secure test store with all your settings, customizations, and database.


Analysis & planning

The manager assigns estimation of complexity and project development to a technical specialist. The manager informs you about the time frames and cost and prepares a detailed specification for the project. The specification includes all of your requirements and a detailed description of operation of future modifications. Once the specification is approved and the invoice is paid, the developer starts working on the task.



Backend developers write code and front-end specialists create layout and integrate design. Your personal manager closely monitors their work. The manager is responsible for the time frames and quality of the project. In the process of developing the project, the manager performs interim demonstration of functionality, if necessary, and prepares reports on the complete work on a regular basis.


Quality assurance & code review

QA specialists test the functionality of the project to check that the work done complies with the requirements of the specification. QA specialists also make sure that the modification or interface is user-friendly. Each project is tested for free before it is given to you. Our experts check the code for compliance with the CS-Cart and Simtech Development standards.


Demonstration & installation

The final results of the development process — what we came up with together during the idea phase — are demonstrated by the manager. Demonstration is performed on our test server. The manager provides you with a checklist to make it easier for you to check the performance of the modifications. The developer or release engineer installs modifications in your store. That’s it! Now you and your customers can enjoy using the new functionality and updated interface.


Warranty period

We provide a 100-day warranty period for every customization we develop. Based on our experience, if you constantly work with your store this period is usually long enough to see how the site functions and for bugs to surface. We can also extend the warranty period upon request if you are not able for some reason to carry out testing within this time frame.

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