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eCommerce Architecture Design

We develop a project structure based on CS-Cart or Multi-Vendor. You get an accurate description of all sections of the online store and a project road map indicating the stages and deadlines for the implementation of work

When do you need eCommerce Architecture Design?

  • You have an idea of a webstore/marketplace but you don’t have any experience in eCommerce.

  • You have done your marketing research and now you need to develop a website structure based on it.

  • You have already made Requirements Specification, but it is not detailed enough to start development.

  • You are not familiar with the capabilities of the CS-Cart platform for stores and marketplaces.

  • You need an accurate estimate of the work for your partners/investors.

Scope of Service

eCommerce website architecture design is the key stage of online stores/marketplace development because it defines and describes future results of development work.

What do you get as a result?

  • Online store/Marketplace Requirements Specification with a description of the functionality and breakdown into default functionality, modifications, and integrations

  • Scheme of the webstore subsystems interaction adapted for the customer

  • Project development Road Map indicating the stages and terms of work

  • Commercial Proposal with a description of solutions, cost, and total project duration

Why order eCommerce Architecture Design Service?

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