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eCommerce Architecture Design

We develop a project structure based on CS-Cart or Multi-Vendor. You get an accurate description of all sections of the online store and a project road map indicating the stages and deadlines for the implementation of work

When do you need eCommerce 
Architecture Design?

  • You have an idea of a webstore/marketplace but you don’t have any experience in eCommerce.

  • You have done your marketing research and now you need to develop a website structure based on it.

  • You have already made Requirements Specification, but it is not detailed enough to start development.

  • You are not familiar with the capabilities of the CS-Cart platform for stores and marketplaces.

  • You need an accurate estimate of the work for your partners/investors.

Scope of Service

eCommerce website architecture design is the key stage of online stores/marketplace development because it defines and describes future results of development work.


Analysis of business requirements


Design of pages, page sections, and their functionality


Elaboration of all technical requirements for the website


Analysis of the corresponding default functionality (out of the box)


Examples of necessary modifications


Detailed Requirements Specification

What do you get 
as a result?

  • Online store/Marketplace Requirements Specification with a description of the functionality and breakdown into default functionality, modifications, and integrations

  • Scheme of the webstore subsystems interaction adapted for the customer

  • Project development Road Map indicating the stages and terms of work

  • Commercial Proposal with a description of solutions, cost, and total project duration

Why order eCommerce Architecture Design Service?

You save money

Starting a project without a clear technical specification, you risk to a result far from your expectations, that means that you will have to rebuild the new functionality. It is much cheaper to fix a mistake at the eCommerce architecture design stage than at the design, layout, or development stage.

You speed up the project launch

due to the transparency and clarity of documents for developers. Designing will help streamline the development process and efficiently distribute work.

You get a high-quality product description

through the analysis and systematization of technical requirements by experts, and in the long term - a high-quality product that any developer can support by referring to a single basic document.

You get an accurate estimate of the labor costs

for a project and expert recommendations on the functionality developing as well as on the priority of tasks.
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