The Benefits Of Hiring A Dedicated Developer For eCommerce Projects

Maksim Komonov
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Having one great developer to work on your online store can make you a fortune. With the developer’s dedication and your business vision, you can develop an outstanding eCommerce business while sticking to a healthy financial plan.

What is a dedicated developer

The dedicated team model is a software development approach where you hire developers from a service provider. This means that while being employees of the service provider, the team of developers (or a single developer) is available to work on your project at all hours of the day as if they were your employees.

When your business needs a dedicated developer

  • The dedicated developers are popular with technical organizations that have urgent needs for development teams. Meaning they don’t have time to spend on looking for programmers.
  • Hiring and retaining developers yourself takes so much time and money it’s slowing your company growth and you have to decline new clients or perspectives.
  • You need agile development that can’t be completely specified at the start and turned into a project based contract
  • You need to supplement specific skill set within your team that’s difficult to hire
  • You need specialized developers for short term of several months up to mid-term of several years.

The benefits of hiring a dedicated developer

Hiring a dedicated developer for eCommerce project you don’t hire people, you get expertize, effectiveness, time and result.

Cost-effective and flexible hiring model

No need to train, equip, feed or bear some other financial duties. No insurance, no vacation. A developer starts working the next day and doesn’t stop until it’s done. In case you are not satisfied with the quality of the service provided, you can switch the developer from the same provider the same day. no hard feelings – it’s business.

Secure development area

The liability for the project security will be shared with the service provider. Giving access to another company means they will be responsible for the actions performed by their developers and will do whatever necessary to secure the entire infrastructure to avoid unwanted security claims from your (client’s) side. You’ll never get that with freelancers.

The code quality

Development companies regardless of their size and portfolio are businesses with their standards of the code. This is their main product. Hiring a freelancer with only skills and preferences may result in misconfiguration and conflicts of the solutions that you use. With a dedicated developer, you get the code of the predictable and measurable quality. Inconsistency with the quality standard is the subject of the guarantee, so you’ll be insured against unexpected code failures.

Skilled and experienced developers

Need some skill? Hire it. The developers are human and can’t do everything. They are limited with their skill set. With a dedicated development team, you won’t have this limit. You can add skills when you need them.

Transparent communication during project development

Ordering a project from an eCommerce development company you won’t have a chance to communicate with the developer directly. A project manager will be translating your requirements to the team. Having a dedicated developer hired will unlock a direct communication channel with the one, who actually creates something for you. Together you can sync your efforts and workflow to add more efficiency to the process.

Shared task management and reports

Adding a dedicated developer from a service provider to your team gives you an opportunity to create tasks and track them yourself in the service provider task management system. Task execution and business effectiveness reports together will give you insights on the financial validity of the features you’re adding to your store. Probably, some feature takes a long time to develop and doesn’t add revenue. With a dedicated developer who has all actions logged and tracked, you’ll be able to evaluate that.

Hiring a dedicated developer from Simtech Development

You will be able to get a designated professional for your project who will correspond to your requirements. This makes custom eCommerce development and fast technical assistance more efficient. According to your requirements, you can employ a developer or a team of specialists with the exact skills you need.

We use JIRA software for the effective management of the development process. As the owner of the project, you will be able to participate in the process.

While working on your project, Simtech Development managers send you detailed reports on time spent and tasks completed, so you can be confident that work is progressing efficiently and cost-effectively.

Save time, acquire expertise, concentrate on business.


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