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Extending the eCommerce Potential of a German Jewelry Marketplace
Kayamo is an eCommerce marketplace of unique custom jewelry and DIY craft supplies from Germany. Günter Windler and his wife run Kayamo together to help crafters and designers expand their presence in the eCommerce environment. The marketplace has grown since its inception in 2016 and is still gaining traction among art jewelry lovers and enthusiasts. The shopping platform on which the stands is handy for vendors, user-friendly and attractive for buyers. It is high-performing also from the point of searchability. All these characteristics together with a well-thought-out functionality and the business acumen of the webshop owners allowed the Kayamo Multi-Vendor platform to take the lead by defeating competitors and become an extremely profitable venture on the german craft jewelry market. The marketplace founder hired us for technology help. We moved them to our cloud hosting, improved the look-n-feel of the marketplace, did design optimizations, and assisted in improving SEO for better website ranking.










Design Customization​
Payment Service Integration​
SEO Improvement​
Cloud Hosting

Implementing the Project

Design Customization​

According to the website founder, they chose the Multi-Vendor platform for its look-n-feel, plug-and-play functionality and affordable price.

But the default design will not distinguish a brand from others. After the license was purchased, functionality tested, and the website hosted, we then installed the Airy Mobile Theme for Kayamo to improve the website appearance with the help of our premium theme template designed with the desktop and mobile focus. Once our plugin experts took and placed the Airy Mobile theme and made all the previous addons compliant with it, they corrected and optimized blocks on the home, product and checkout pages including all the additional fields and tabs.
Banners and logos were also tailored to match the newly-installed theme.

Features and design were very important for us when we were choosing the platform. In Multi-Vendor, the admin-panel is easy to use, you can change the look and feel without coding, you can change many, many things from the admin panel such as the design or the commission rates and so on. And the price: the cost-value ratio is fantastic. So, at the end I would chose it again

Gunther Windler

Besides, additional product fields were developed for a stronger theme performance.
We introduced displaying of product prices in the customer area everywhere, where the price is shown by default: on the product detail page, cart, vendor products, and product lists. We updated the grids relating to the product list. Now the first two lines of the product name appear without hovering over them.

The Airy Mobile theme included the Amazon-style menu plugin by default. We made the main menu sticky to keep the customers’ attention on the items they would like to shop.

Other changes include:

  • Making second-level categories clickable in the main menu
  • Changing the z-index properties to put the arrow “next picture” to the background

We also improved the Gift Certificate add-on:

And made corrections in the appearance of the product types on the Category page by aligning the menu and Category page picture:

As the German laws leave a significant imprint on the way eCommerce brands run their online businesses, we helped Günter and his wife with the adaptation of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation law on data privacy in the European Union) checkbox appearance on the check-out page.

We developed a plugin called “German specific modifications” to add the ability to use the “AGB” (which is German Civil Code in English) block for vendor products page in the customer area.
In most cases customers make their purchasing decision based on price and quality and not on the contents of what appears to them as a set of incomprehensible and boring AGB. However, the Standardization of a company’s conditions of contract in the form of AGB is an annoying thing that needs to be done to avoid negotiating at every single point of its terms for every transaction it makes. So, the owner tailored his AGB, and we implemented the technical part to make AGB appear and work right on the product details page.

But then we needed about one year to make our marketplace in-line with German law. German law is very nasty with online-sellers, so we made everything to make them pleased. And I think we made it good!

Gunther Windler

Payment Service Integration

Because of some restrictions with the Stripe Connect and PayPal standard payment processors for Germany in 2018, another payment system was chosen.
We developed a new add-on to integrate the Multi-Vendor with the payment gateway. After integration, administrators could choose the new payment method in the administration panel of CS-Cart and process the order. Customers were enabled to opt for a new payment method when checking out.
While connecting the new payment, we introduced a payment system response to the email template data and included the order detail information into it. The improved email was designed to provide the customer with a system reply letter carefully indicating the purchased product TID, invoice and bank details.

We decided to go the length of a German payment processor.

Gunther Windler

SEO Improvement

We made some keywords stronger for kayamo and helped with Google-ranking. Moreover, our marketing expert made a link on the homepage, so that Google can see that this URL is relevant. While researching for Google search optimization of the kaymao marketplace, we recommended Günter adding some titles that were missing for 5 important URLs.

Cloud Hosting

Telling the story of the marketplace inception, Günter mentioned that they tested the Multi-Vendor platform within the trial period on a test server. They liked the software and bought the full version.

Our hosting team conducted a stress testing to improve the technical parameters and overcome limitations of the Multi-Vendor business solution for kayamo. The team worked with the reasonable care, skill and diligence for the marketplace’s smooth and safe operation.
Our free Website Checker tool shows that the website runs on all the cylinders. It’s just splendid to see a result of 87 points out 100!

The first shop, with the first products was online and the platform worked on our test-server. The next step was to move from test-server to live. We had again a long look around and we decided to use AWS. So we moved and tested our market-place live ... and it worked!!!

Gunther Windler


The website loads better, customers can find the site and navigate it easier, and the ratings on SERPs has improved. The team at Simtech Development delivers high-quality work for an affordable price on-time.
How are things going with
4 years
of online presence

Simtech Development is always fast and in time. They solved every problem without an extra-budget.

Gunther Windler
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