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Faly Music
A marketplace of music instruments

Business Area:

  • Music instruments
  • DIY



Faly Music is a marketplace from Mexico selling branded music instruments. It was a service center founded in 1981 by electronic engineers to repair TV, video players, and audio devices. They started a professional audio and musical instruments business in 1989, and went online in 2010. The company reps addressed us in 2016 with a request to host their project with Cloud Hosting solution. Since then, we’ve been standing by the Faly Music team as their technical partner providing hosting, add-ons and customizations on request.

The only integration that 100% worked and reached our expectations of security was Simtech Development’s one. This development was one of the best decisions that we made, the sales increased by 150% in one month alone! In the next 3 months, we sold almost 80% of what we sold for the last year!


  • Integrate PayPal Plus and Mercado payment systems
  • Customize Airy Theme
  • Make Pre-Order Add-On Changes
  • Integrate API with the Supplier
  • Modify FAQ page
  • Provide add-ons
  • Provide Cloud Hosting solution

Implementing the Project

Integration of PayPal Plus and Mercado payment

PayPal Plus is a solution to process payments. It enables online businesses to accept local payment methods in their online stores and marketplaces making it effortless to handle payments. With PayPal Plus system integration, merchants can use all relevant payment types. It allows merchants to have a flexible credit-card processing solution that does not impose buyers to have a PayPal account. Moreover, PayPal Plus does not take customers away from the website to collect and process the information about payment. Mercado Pago is another payment system that works in Latin America, including Mexico. With MercadoPago customers can pay with their credit cards,but not only. They can use local payment methods such as cash, wallets, or bank transfers. Online merchants can have all the payments into their store account. The service also provides an anti-fraud system.  We integrated both payment solutions to introduce their popular features into the marketplace. For MercadoPago, we also added an installment feature so that customers could pay for their orders in equal payments spread over an agreed period of time. The installment setting allows calculation of the installment and is displayed on the Product details page.

Customization of Airy Theme

We introduced a sorting selector from “Responsive“ theme to the Airy Mobile Theme. This sorting allowed the marketplace to have an alphabetically sorted product list.

Add Pre-Order Add-On

Pre-order allows selling products that are about to launch but are not actually present on the marketplace. It drives interest in customers and lets them feel as pioneers, the first buyers of an exclusive item. We developed such a functionality for Faly Music. Now, the PLACE ORDER button appears on the checkout page. If the Pre-Order option is chosen, the price is taken from “MONTO A PAGAR AHORA” information where the relative pre-order price is indicated.
The cart page comes up with a subtotal which is calculated automatically. It is an amount of 30% of the cost of the product.

Modifying import from suppliers

We modified the import of product lists from suppliers. For each product code the script checks if the product is in the CS-Cart. If the product is already there, it updates the stock and price only. If the product is not added to the CS-Cart yet, it creates a new product and fills in the information obtained for the object.

FAQ modification

If a customer sends some questions, the marketplace administrator receives one notification only with the combined question rows for customers. A sign that this is the same customer is an email sent to the administrator. When a customer asks a question in the “Preguntas” (question) block on the “Product View” page, the script saves the product price and product code, which is displayed on the “Respuesta” (answer) page and “Reply” popup.
We added the ability to reply to customers’ active questions.
The introduced changes made the communication with customers more handy for administrators as they can keep their focus on important notifications without unnecessary distraction.


The first project was last year in 2019. I chose Simtech because its add-ons had been working perfectly, the support had been very helpful and quick, so the main reason was that the Simtech team showed a very deep knowledge in CS-CART

After the first projects successfully finished, we made the decision to move our web hosting to Simtech Cloud service, and it was much better than we expected. The speed is really great and it helped a lot with our search positioning (SEO) in Mexico. Cloud customer service is very fast.

When requested for the first projects, one of the most helpful features was that we knew the name of the leadership team, he or she always replied in the times that they mentioned, and always showed interest to solve in the least time possible.