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Multi-Product Store and Loan Platform

Business Area:

  • All-in-One
  • Shredders
  • Automobile
  • Baby toys
  • Books
  • Computing and phones
  • Fashion
  • Groceries
  • Home and office
  • Health and beauty
  • Real estate
  • Games
  • Gifts and accessories
  • Food and drinks


Location: is an all-in-one multi-product platform from Lagos, Nigeria, that allows you not only to buy but take a loan for a product you wish. The Numartng IT team implemented a loan system and asked us to arrange all the redirects to make this integration work seamlessly and smoothly with their Multi-Vendor platform. The result of our mutual work exceeded the expectations. Orders increased despite the pandemic.


  • Integrate the loan system and arrange the redirects
  • Extend functionality with the Multi-Vendor Ultimate fully compliant add-ons
  • Provide Cloud Hosting solution to keep the project safe and stable

Implementing the Project

Connecting a custom loan system

Our goal is to integrate this loan platform with our main website where shopping takes place so that customers who wish to buy items and pay later can shop and as well redirect to the second platform where the loan application process takes place.
the Digital Marketing & IT Personnel Manager, in his interview with Clutch

Olayinka Adebiyi is the Digital Marketing & IT Personnel Manager at Numartng. He reached us with a claim that there is no possibility to easily redirect customers from the shopping platform to their custom-developed loan platform. Olayinka asked us for help in properly connecting their system and allowing buyers to take loans for products available at the market. According to the concept, when placing an order, customers are redirected to the loan system instead of the order complete page. At this, the redirecting should take into account each specific storefront as the platform is multi-storefront. The overall workflow is as follows: a customer proceeds to checkout and fills in the required fields, chooses the payment method and then clicks at the Complete Order button. The order is placed in the system and instead of the Complete Checkout page the loan system for a specified storefront opens in the same window.

To make this concept come true, we developed a Checkout complete page redirect add-on allowing the administrator to specify an external URL for the complete checkout page. A new “Checkout complete page URL” setting was introduced. With this setting, it became possible to individually configure different storefronts. If this setting is enabled, after a customer places an order he or she is redirected to the URL specified for the particular storefront instead of redirecting to the default “Checkout complete” page.

This solution helped Numartng to offer amazing customer service to increase the average order value. The redirection works smoothly for the storefronts of the marketplace assigned by the store administrator. Happy customers buy products easily and pay later from one and the same page without thinking of how the process is organized under the hood. 

Like I mentioned above, they gave us 100 days to test and revert if there are any challenges during the transaction. But from the first day that the project was deployed we’ve never had any challenge as the platform works smoothly. Now, we have recorded almost 300 orders with loan application details fully submitted.


Extending functionality with add-ons

The marketplace team ordered three add-ons from us to extend the marketplace functionality further:

  1. With Google Remarketing Tag, the team tracks real-time events like adding/removing a product to/from cart, adding to wish/comparison list, and purchasing in their Google Analytics account. This improves customer data collection, increases conversion and leverages all the remarketing activities on the marketplace without reverting to developers. 
  2. Gift Registry allows the marketplace to create a dedicated space where customers can create special events, add a list of wished products whereas other users can view their lists and buy products as gifts. For example, I’m celebrating my birthday and want somebody to pay for a gift I want. I create a request on the Gift Registry page so that other visitors can purchase it for me. Isn’t it a good opportunity to add more engagement on your eCommerce site?

3. The Affiliate and Referral add-on implements the affiliate program for Numartng. Once signed up, the affiliates of Numartng get a range of banners and textual links to place within their sites. Users click on the affiliate links. This activity is tracked by the affiliate add-on and the affiliate earns a commission based on a commission type.

Cloud hosting

The Numartng team trusted handling the server issues of the hosting to our experts to eliminate the need for in-house IT staff.

Our hosting team:

  • Optimized server configuration for maximum performance of the website
  • Renewed SSL certificate, did daily backups, and protected the website from hacker attacks 
  • Supported the Numartng project with the multi-layer monitoring system for the project’s 24/7/365 security
  • Provided 24/7 server incidents reaction with a 15-minute response time according to the Cloud Hosting Service Level Agreement (SLA).


A multi-storefront multi-product marketplace with a smoothly connected loan system and marketing add-ons residing on a safe and secure hosting platform.

They did an excellent job and this has made us choose and trust them with any other task that may be required to be done on our platform.