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Perfect Nails

Perfect Nails
Perfect Nails Store has a long and colorful history that has started from a family business back in 1992 in Hungary. Now, it is a large store that sells manicure and pedicure items, share online nail technicians videos, and even provides an opportunity to connect with resellers right from the store page. We have warm relationships with the digital agency representative who acts on behalf of the business owners. It is a great pleasure when mature digital agencies choose us for customizing stores for their clients. Moreover, it is the honor to assist in replatforming an online store to CS-Cart selected from many other shopping platforms. We’re still enjoying helping to customize this professional health & beauty website, but the amount of work already done for the project is quite enough for a case study and is worth describing.
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Magento-to-CS-Cart Migration
New Pages for Courses and Resellers
Customizing SEO Template
Improving Quick Order Functionality
Cloud Hosting

Implementing the Project

Magento-to-CS-Cart Migration

Choosing among solutions to replatform

By the time we were addressed to help in migrating to CS-Cart, the Perfect Nails store has resided on Magento. It is an outdated platform and more up-to-date CMSs exist, even within the same Magento platform. The main concern website owners have while moving data from one Content Management System to another is the need to keep the client base, inventory, orders, and SEO links of the old store and safely bring them to a new platform. Platforms differ as they are configured in a different way. That is the reason why sometimes it is very hard to repeat the previous functionality in a new place. In this context, it is critical that replatforming is performed by professionals to keep everything compliant and valid once the store assets are transferred. Obviously, there are automated migrators like Cart2Cart. It offers an easy-to-use automated migrator but sometimes lacks an accurate mapping of objects the transition is done.

To avoid potential problems with transmitting the old store assets, the Simtech Development team was chosen to replatform the Perfect Nails website from Magento to CS-Cart.

Expert-assisted migration

Our experts analyzed data for migration and completed a mapping table – the table that maps objects of the legacy platform with the new one. We migrated users and customer ratings. The rest of objects like products, features, categories and options were transferred by the business representatives on their own. We developed a unique script to migrate data based on the fields’ mapping. A script was designed to actually take and shift the selected objects to the target CS-Cart system. This script included all the SEO links to users and ratings and mapped the old links with the new ones to keep the search engine informed about updates. After migrating the data, we actualized it with the new users and ratings appeared during the migration process.

As a result, we kept the store close to the original functionality.

Cloud Hosting team assistance in replatforming

When migrating, a web page that has been previously visited at a certain URL, its address to a different URL. In our case, after moving the Perfect Nails’ website to the CS-Cart Ultimate platform and shutting down the old Magento-based store, there came a need to redirect the old store pages to the new ones to prevent the old site from giving a dreaded 404 Not Found.

Our DevOps/SRE engineers set up redirects to allow the old links to connect to the same content of the new site and keep the website searchability.

Creating New Pages

Nail Courses Page

The Perfect Nails website is rich in the customer engaging content. An activity that engages the most the brand advocates is following an expert. The website runs its own nail art technician courses in the YouTube video format. In this light, the store needed a separate page to create a feeling of an omnichannel platform where visitors can shop manicure and pedicure items and subscribe, follow and stay tuned with the branded video content. The Nail Courses’ page was made on the basis of the blog template, the standard CS-Cart platform functionality. We added a calendar, connected the YouTube links, added ability to add the course description to make the Courses page functional and attractive.

Perfect Nails

Also, our tech team introduced an option to filter courses by category, city, date, and instructor. Each course is accompanied with the name of the course and the instructor, venue address, and a short description. For better perception with visitors, we placed the “More Details” button that opens a detailed page with the course in a new window and doesn’t clutter the general page.

Perfect Nails

To invite even more potential customers to the website and increase its searchability, we set up the SEO links for courses and introduced a functionality that allows specifying SEO names in the course link.

Now the website Courses page functions as a true lead magnet amplifying the brand connection with loyal customers and the brand awareness with random visitors who came from a search engine request.

Resellers Page

Our solution implies that resellers are the customers but with a special user group. To implement this concept, we embedded a list of resellers with the contact forms within a new page and added extra fields to the list of resellers to include their photos and contact details. We expanded the resellers’ information page with opening hours and the reseller website. These fields are available only to customers from the Resellers user group. Besides, we introduced a functionality for the resellers to upload their images on their profile page in the admin panel.
On the storefront, we created a new page with resellers’ information on it. Each reseller’s card contains the reseller’s photo, name, and the reseller’s company office hours, website, phone, email, and address. Clicking the website link opens the reseller’s web page in a new tab.

Perfect Nails

Enhancing Quick Order

We introduced a new feature to implement the Quick Order functionality and add more products to the cart in bulk. For bulk adding of products, the uploaded CSV file should contain the "SKU" and "Quantity" columns. We implemented a tooltip to give customers instructions about the file format. Also, we added a "Search products" button on the "Quick order" page.

Perfect Nails
Perfect Nails

Clicking the “Search products” button speeds up the product search by code and SKU. The modification envisaged that the search outputs the following data:

  • Product name
  • Product SKU
  • Product quantity
  • Product image
  • Quantity selector
  • ‘Add to cart’ button

Clicking the ‘Add to cart’ button puts all products with selected quantities to the cart.

Improving subscription for newsletters

We expanded the functionality of a subscription form. Previously, there was an option to specify only an email. After the form was customized, fields to enter the first and the last names appeared. We added a checkbox to allow users agreeing with Privacy Policy. Values from these new fields are sent to the MailChimp service making mailing of customers easy and quick.

The updated form connected to the MailChimp serves for better collecting potential customers – the leads.

Perfect Nails

Making clever promos

Our team developed new conditions for promotions. The designed non-cumulative quantity reductions encourage larger orders, thus reducing billing, order filling, and shipping.
On the backend, we added a new custom field called “Discount” and developed a code that checks if a product has available product promotions (personal discounts based on user group and promotions). After checking, this script applies the maximum reduction.

The promo condition now states that a greater reduction on price always prevails the lower one in case of conflicting promos. This condition was made valid independently of the user group: both resellers and customers can benefit from larger discounts.


An online store which has successfully migrated to the CS-Cart platform from Magento keeping and multiplying the old store functionality; a website which safely resided on Simtech Development Cloud Hosting; improved SEO and added new pages connecting more visitors and increasing customer loyalty; gorgeous look-and-feel in synergy with wise marketing promotion of the website.

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