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Crypto Emporium

A Peer-to-Peer Marketplace
with Crypto Payments


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Crypto Emporium was launched in February 2018 and was conceived as the unique cryptocurrency-only marketplace with a variety of products: from cars and property to electronics and merchandise.

The main task for the owners was to introduce crypto payments and improve the user experience to shop products online easily. They chose the Multi-Vendor Plus platform as a perfect solution fitting the project needs, installed on our hosting and connected to the Coinbase crypto payment gateway.

First set up in and launched in Italy, comprising an international team of cryptocurrency experts and international procurement specialists. Over the last 3 years, Crypto Emporium has gone from strength to strength and now stands as the leading cryptocurrency-only marketplace
in the space.

CryptoEmporium Team


Coinpayment crypto payment gateway integration 

Assigning shipping methods to product categories

Unique design creation

Reward points exchange for tokens 

Implementing the project

Here we’ll tell you how we customized the project to improve its efficiency and functionality.

Integration of Coinpayment

We developed a Coinpayment crypto payment gateway add-on to add the ability to display prices in cryptocurrencies and accept the payments via the Coinpayment crypto payment gateway. Our developers introduced a CRON-command to the settings to allow synching and updateing data on schedule. In the Payment methods menu, it is now possible to add/update the new payment gateway by choosing Coinpayment in the “Processor” field on the payment.

We made it possible to show all the product prices in the cryptocurrencies in the storefront. 

Our team also added crypto currencies to the Administration > Currencies menu. Administrators cannot change their rates.

  • Bitcoin,
  • Litecoin,
  • Ethereum,
  • Doge,
  • Ripple,
  • Dash.
  • USDT

Unique design integration

We created a new design based on the client’s brand book styles and fonts.

To achieve the ideal result, we first conducted a brief meeting to complete our understanding of user requirements. Then, our designers estimated the project needs to form a design that further was fixed in specifications and approved by the client. The new look-n-feel of the project was drafted in Figma.

We managed to create a design that fully meets the project and its team wishes. Now, the website looks cohesive with fonts, colors and styles selected for better perception and clear navigation on the site.

Assigning shipping methods to product categories

As the marketplace sells very different product types, from watches to luxury cars, there was a need to diversify the shipping methods by price and terms based on the product type. It was decided to link the shipping method to the product category. 

For example, if the vendor sells mobile phones, then the checkout page offers one of 3 delivery options:

  • UK Mobile Phone Delivery 
  • EU Mobile Phone Delivery 
  • ROW Mobile Phone Delivery


If the same vendor sells a car, then on checkout, there is access to options according to the same logic, but with different rates and time.

We developed new Shipping presets for categories to extend the ability to assign single shipping or shipping presets to product categories. Presets allowed creating the required bundle of conditions assigned to a category. They are just like templates that remove the need to recreate the same conditions again and again saving your time.

A new “Shipping presets” menu item was placed at the Shipping methods and linked with the Shipping presets page. It contains the list of all created shipping presets as a table with the columns:

Presets created by the administrator are available for the vendor use, but the vendor cannot edit them. 

Reward points exchange for tokens

Our team developed a Hedera integration add-on to add the ability to redeem the reward points for tokens. It is a good example of how tokens can be used as reward points. This modification was made dependent on the “Reward points” default CS-Cart add-on.  

We added a period after which reward points can be exchanged to tokens to specify after which period the customers can request a redeem of their reward points to tokens. It is possible to keep the history of exchanging the reward points earned by customers.

We also enriched the Reward points menu with new items:

  • Approve points exchange contains all the requests from customers to redeem the points for tokens with the possibility of the administrator to Approve/Disapprove the request.
  • Points exchange history contains the history of all exchanges that were made.

After a customer clicks the “Redeem the points for tokens in Hedera” link: 

  • An email notification is sent to the administrator. For this, we added a new email template to the default administrator email notifications.
  • The request is shown on the Approve points exchange page. If the administrator approves the request we subtract the number of points in the request from the customer’s balance and notify the customer about the request approval in the email notification. The approved requests serve as a statistical basis for keeping the history of exchanges on the Points exchange history page.

On the storefront, we added a new checkbox setting to the customer registration page.

If the setting is checked and the Register button is clicked by the customer, a request is sent to the Hedera service to create a new account in its system. We introduced an additional check to see if the customer’s email has already had the connected account in the Hedera service.

Our devs also added new columns to the Reward points log page:

  • Redeem the points for tokens in Hedera. It contains clickable links to request the redeem of points.
  • Account ID in Hedera. Informational read-only field to display the connected account in Hedera.


A unique stylish peer-to-peer marketplace where everybody can pay with crypto and get rewarded.