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Key Signs of an Effective Team to Win Competitors

Gayane Tamrazyan

In eCommerce, integrating with cutting-edge technologies is mutually fruitful for vendors and customers. Both of them get boundless opportunities to deal with each other as high distances and time frames no longer separate them. But, regardless of the emerged close connection, vendors forget about one thing: everything gets older with the time. Someday, a website won’t be able to handle growing customer orders. They will have to think over a professional development approach.

Reasons to Choose

Plenty of website owners can assure you that only with the help of professional developers their online business ventures could survive and strengthen positions.

In this context,  you should be careful when you look for a development company. Unskilled specialists can ruin your business plans and harm your business activity.

If you want to improve your online store features, expert development assistance of Simtech Development is what you need. I’ll tell you why:

When website owners come with their shopping cart problems to us, we already know how to help them. A common case is when an enterpreneur complaints about the bad quality of a third party code. This may happen if there is no quality assurance on the development side. The development process at Simtech Development makes a provision for testing the completed work. Your customized code is reviewed and tested with our QA experts having experience of more than ten years. That is how we guarantee high quality of our work.

We are a big team of +50 developers, 4 project managers, 4 DevOps engineers, 2 QA testers, 3 designers and other experienced employees. It means that we can complete the work faster than others do. With such diversified staff composition, it is easy for us to provide a comprehensive service to build a fully-operational eCommerce website from scratch.

We offer CS-Cart licenses at the discounted price, CS-Cart specific customization, design, hosting and add-ons.

Moreover, some of our employees have their own eCommerce projects. That is why we understand our clients better than any of the CS-Cart developers. We know the most common pains of eCommerce entrepreneurs:

  • Poor expertise in digital commerce and marketing;
  • Shipping and payment method selection and integration;
  • Poor website performance and functionality;
  • Bad server configuration ignoring project specifics;
  • Unoptimized code;
  • User experience and user interface impact on sales;
  • Lack of CS-Cart tailored toolkit.

If web store owners want to change the look of their websites, we are ready to integrate the client’s mock-ups into the existing website. This may include adding dynamic elements, such as drop-down menus, cart blocks and home page banners.

Besides the main customization services, the Company’s engineers will also integrate your online store with extra payment modules, multi-language, and multi-currency options. From now on, you don’t have to think over issues, connected with marketing, sales, delivery, and support. Our developers possess extensive knowledge in programming shopping cart CRM and ERP systems.

DevOps experts have already configured servers for +1000 CS-Cart websites and know every weak point in hosting configuration. Only a few of CS-Cart developers have hosting engineers in their staffs.

Have you ever dreamed of an individual premium-quality eCommerce project? With our special Dedicated Developer service, your dream may come true right now. Every our eCommerce website developer and shopping cart coding consultant is ready to implement your step-by-step eCommerce project, basing only on their knowledge and your preferences.


Do you feel your competitors breathing down your neck? Hurry up and contact us before it’s too late!

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